How to Do Keyword Research: Guide for Higher Ranking

How to Do Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the main factor for high ranking in Google search results. This is a basic term for Search Engine Optimization in Online Field.

But What’s the exact meaning of Keyword Research and How it works?

The simple goal of keyword research is to find out what your target audience is searching for and what it will take to exact rank for those keywords.

If you are Beginner in the blogging field then it’s very important for you. With the help of the right keywords uses you can increase your blog traffic easily.

This article can give you complete knowledge about Keyword Research from scratch to top.

So basically in this article, You will get detailed information about the keyword research case study.

Here’s The Breakdown of  Article:

So here I am going to tell you the exact keyword research definition in SEO

What is Keyword Research?

There are numerous blogs on the internet but some blogs have tons of traffic while on the other hand, some blogs don't have anything. This is because of the SEO of blogs.

SEO is consists of three terms which are:

  • Link Building, 
  • Content Marketing 
  • Keyword Research

The Best Definition of what is Keyword Research can be found on Backlinko Keyword research guide.

Keyword Research is a process of discovering the words and phrases that people use in search engines with the ultimate goal of optimizing content around these terms and ranking for ​​​​those terms in SERP.

Types of Keywords

Basically, we divide keywords into three categories and these categories are the head, body, and long-tail keyword.

Head keyword - Head keyword is about 1 or 2 words and it has a high search volume. These keywords are the most competitive.

Let's take an example to make you more clear.

Money, Health, Self-Development, etc. Because in these words there isn't any specification about what people want related to these words.

Guess This Blog Head Keyword?

Yes, You are right. It's Keyword Research. okay? The second is...

Body Keyword - Body keywords are 2 or 3 word phrases and have medium search volume, nor high nor low.

These keywords are more specific than head keywords and less competitive than head keywords. 

Examples of define this are Online Money Earning, Self-Development Books, and Trending Cars, etc.

Long-Tail Keywords - Long-tail keywords are those keywords that are about 4 or more phrases and have low search volume.

A long-tail keyword is a more specific topic/subtopic of the head term.

Usually, fewer people create content about this topic.

And are low competitive as well but they can run your site on the top of Google.

Examples for this are Make Money With YouTube, Top 10 Self-Development Books, and Easy Ways to Earn Money Online, etc.

Latent semantic index (LSI)

Latent Semantic Index (LSI) is an association of words which are shown below as a suggestion when you are searching for something on the search tab.

Let's take an Example of LSI Keywords.

Keyword Research for SEO

Image Source: [BeginnersBook]

Let's assume You typed the word "Blogging" in google Search Bar. Then You will see there are a lot of suggestions starts appearing below it.

Just type your main keyword in Google Search and note down all the suggestive words displayed by it. Now you have a list of related keywords.

With this method you can find a lot of keywords by just repeating the same technique.

There is one tool that you can use for more related keywords that is LSI graph.

Why Keyword Research Is Important?

keyword research helps you to rank higher on google and helps to finding right audience for keywords.

For generating tons of traffic you need to do keyword research for blog or your website.

Because when you use keywords in your content which are the same as the people put on their search engines, then your blog will start appearing in the search results on google.

But it's not as easy as it shows.

For this, You have to observe the density of keywords, choose your keywords strategically as your blog totally depends upon keyword research.

(Number of keywords/ Total number of words) * 100 = KW Density

The keyword research strategy helps you to serve people by putting some words which helps your audience as well as you.

If you don't know which relevant keyword leads to your website then you can't drive traffic to your blog site.

You have to Choose niche for your blog for targeting your audience or keywords.

But there is a problem faced by most of the people.

They don't have any idea about keywords, what kind of keywords are searched more, which keywords are related to our topic? 

which keyword brings more traffic and many more question.

So here I am going to tell you some tactics to easily find great ideas for keywords. Even a long list of keywords.

Ideas For Keyword Research

Now the question is  "how to find a keyword?" or "how to get keyword ideas?"

When you decided to start any blog then you first have to choose a niche and a variety of audiences to whom you target.

Now to find keyword ideas you must decide your topic which is relevant to your niche.

For example, we take a niche "online earning" and write down relevant topics which are as follows:

Keyword Research for Blog

Now, you have to choose one topic from it and prepare yourself for collecting keywords. In the given paragraph, I'm going to tell you some ways so you can use them for collecting your keywords.

Here we start:

Use Google For Keyword Research:

Use Google for Finding a list of keywords for your blog.

Now that you have a list of topics, type each one of them into Google.

Google search is the best source for collecting right and effective keywords for your content which helps you to run your blog at Google SERP.

Even Google is the best place to do keyword research, that make your site rank up on Google.

Type Your Head/Seed Keyword in Google Search Engine.

Google Search for Affiliate Marketing

See the What terms Google suggested for You.

Keyword Research for Blog

There are a lot of words which you find that you can use it in your content for the blog.

After typing a keyword on the search bar, you have to scroll down and reach the bottom of your search result page.

Here you get some results which are headed under "people also search for". 

Keyword Research for Google

You can take some major words which are related to your topic.

Apart from this you get some bold words which you have noticed in every search result shown by Google.

You also recognize these words properly and make some notes from them.

These noted words will help you to satisfy your audience by reaching them and giving them what they want.

In simple words, these keywords help you to reach your targeted audience.

Wikipedia Keywords:

Wikipedia is a platform that can provides you rich keywords for your content and helps you to rank even more on Google.

So here are some guidelines which help you to use Wikipedia for keyword research.

For this, you have to open your chrome or go to the Wikipedia tab.

And after this just type the main keyword which is related or the main part of your blog. 

For example, we type "Online Advertising" at the Wikipedia tab then the search result will show.

Wikipedia Search

Now, see the What result get from this search in Wikipedia.

Online Advertising Wikipedia Page

You have notice that there are a lot of Highlights word in the this page.

Then you just go to the content box and select some keywords which are related to your blog post and note it down.

Click on the "Contents" section of the page. There are Subtopics about the page.

You can choose some useful Keywords for your work or blog post.

Wikipedia Table of Contents

Now, You know How to do Keyword Research from Wikipedia. right?

Pro Tip: Just Click on Any Highlight Words or On Subtopics to get related Keywords about Particular Topic.

Let's Jump into the Next...

Reddit For Keyword Research:

Discover the targeted audience Hang out on Reddit.

There is potential find right audience and keyword for that. This is popular for News Aggregation, Web Content Rating, and Discussion.

As it's also growing very speedily and reaches to a lot of audiences. So you can also find some important words from this.

So here we will give you some ways which helps you in finding keywords from Reddit:

For Example I took "Blogging" Word to search.

Keyword Research on Reddit

Now, you will see some popular community (known as subreddit) their your audience hang out.

Blogging Community on Reddit

Just type your keywords in search bar and find your audience with subreddit. But now for doing Keyword Search. 

When the search result appears, then you just have to choose any one article related to your topic and read their comments.

There are numerous comments which you have to find related to your topic. 

Through this exercise, you will get to know about what people don't know and what they are going to search for on Google.

You will get the targeted audience through this and have a chance to serve them well.

This helps you, your audience as well as your blog for a run at top of the google.

Keyworddit is a free SEO tool that provides you free search results of Reddit for about a month.

You can easily observe them and pick up keywords from there and use them strategically in your blog post.

YouTube Suggestion:

You can also find Keywords from YouTube Search Engine.

For Example, I search for "Increase Facebook Likes" on Youtube. Then you can see log-tail keyword and you can put on all the important phrases in your content.

youtube Blogging engine

As YouTube and Google You can use Bing Search Engine also for more keywords.

Let's Talk about some Free Keyword Research Tool for SEO.

Keyword Research Tools For SEO:

This amazing Tools Helps to find more keywords for higher ranking.

This Keyword Research Tool List is almost Free and you find your best with those.

Here we go....


Soovle gives you suggested keyword ideas from various sources Like Google, YouTube Yahoo, Amazon, Wikipedia, Bing, etc.


So you don't have to do extra hard work to search your keywords.

You can save your selected keywords with Soovle also. 

The main thing is that it's one of the most popular keyword research tool. So you can easily use it for ranking your website.


This tool will provide you a lot of different kinds of keywords, and keyword ideas as well.

It clearly shows the volume, density of the keywords & SEO difficulty for choosing the perfect keyword according to need.

Keyword Research on Jaaxy

The QSR (Quoted Search Result) Says "how many other sites are trying to rank for this exact keyword?"

This is not a free tools but it's provides first 30 Free Searches for keywords.

Google search console:

The Google Search Console is not a profession Tool. But it has an amazing features that you can use for keyword research tool to boost your website.

The Feature is "Performance Report".

This feature provides you the exact pages of your website which gets most clicks on google and even exactly keywords that ran your website.

Now, you just have to find "Opportunity keywords".

Opportunity Keyword are where you rank up between 8th-20th position in Google for a specific keyword.

Now you just have to find your average ranking keyword and use it in your content boost up the ranking of your website.

Google search console is a very powerful keyword research tool where you get opportunity keywords that no other tool will provide you.

Ahrefs keyword explorer:

This tool provides you in-depth information about the keyword which will help you to find the best keywords for your site.

Ahrefs Blog Keyword research

Image Source: [Ahrefs Blog]

You can easily breakdown the competition of the first page, as it gives you the complete detail about the search results and exactly how many clicks they get.

There are various tools which provide the keyword difficulty vague.

But it has a function named "Keyword difficulty" and it exactly tells about how many backlinks do you need to run your website on the first page of Google search list.

keyword research with Ahrefs

Image Source: [WordStream]

It's mostly known for its backlink analysis feature and no doubt for getting adorable keywords for ranking your website.

You can start with 7 days Free trials.

Google keyword planner:

This is my favorite tool to do Keyword research for free.

Because it has Google's Mighty Keyword Database.

For me, This is the best keyword research tool compared to others. Because....

The data you get from it comes straight from Google. right?

Google Keyword Planner Keyword research

You can get relevant keywords, Search Volume, Competition, and the best part of GKP there's "Top of Page Bid" Feature.

Which makes it unique from other tools.

You can get high quality benefits with this keyword tool.

KeywordTool.oi: is the Google Keyword Planner Alternative. And this is also one of the best tools for keyword research.

It provides you a lot of keyword suggestions when you enter a seed keyword into it. 

You can easily filter, expand its result, and get the perfect keyword for your site. It has a function named "Analyse competitor". 

This is an amazing function which only has few tools like, This can analyzes your competitor's website and then generate new keywords according to it for you. 

Ubersuggest and SEMrush can also provide the competitors analysis.

You can use to beat the competition and get higher ranking on Google.

By these tools, you get a number of keywords but now the question arises "how to choose the right keyword?".

Here, We are going to know some important points about this topic.

How To Choose The Right Keyword?

Now, you know from where and how to find keywords for blog.

But how to pick up the right keywords for SEO?

Search Volume:

You have a lot of keywords in your notepad. 

It's a very crucial moment when you have to select some main and important keywords for your content.

You have to find out the high and low search volume keyword. and then...

how to do keyword research for blog

Pick only those keywords which have medium search volume according to your niche.


Now the people don't have to click over any website to get the answer as the featured snippets make it easy.

Now people just see the result on the first page of Google. 

Just I searched for "How to do affiliate marketing" and I get snippet.

How to do affiliate marketing

People only enter into the website whenever they need deep information about a particular topic.

If your site is run on the top ranking on Google then it's maybe not important that it will get clicks by the audience.

SparkToro reports says about zero rank (snippet feature) that show the how may google searchers click on an organic result in way down.

Zero ranking

Because Google used a lot of ads that put over on the first page and of course above your site. So people rarely focus on this.

So you should have to use your keyword and topic carefully and make sure that before choosing your topic just see by searching about snippet features and google ads are present or not related to your topic.

Don't avoid any topic if it had a low CTR because it may be possible that you can get traffic at your site through that particular word in the long term.


If you are a newbie in the field of blogging then you should target low competitive keywords or we can say long tail keywords.

keyword difficulty

Image Source: [​Mangools]

Because they will help you to get organic traffic at first. And when you start getting traffic then you should have to move to the low competitive keywords.

And in the future, you will start getting traffic even through a short head keyword.

Cost Per Click (CPC):

When the CPC of your content is high then you can get great ROI even when you don't get many searches on your website.

It's not profitable to hit a keyword which isn't have commercial intent.

When you are optimizing your content you must have to take care of the CPC along with the search results.

Trending Keywords:

In the last, You need to check your keywords are trending or not. 

While searching for keywords for your content you can use ​Google Trends for this.

​Google Trends

For example, I take the keyword: “voice search SEO” for search.

You can compared between two keyword for more details and topic trend.

Where To Use Keywords In The Content?

There is no doubt that you will have to use those keywords all over the content.

But there is one thing you have to keep in mind is that avoiding the repetition of the same words frequently.

Because this step makes your audience pissed off and getting irritated.

There are some crucial parts in the content where you should have to put focus and place some keywords strategically:

#1. Page Title: Before choosing your title to be sure that it will be the SEO title and must be something that people want to know about.

Keyword Research for SEO

Your topic must be clickable and appears in the Google search results. Your seed keyword is always in the title of your content. The title should be of 6 to 10 words (max).

#2. Meta Description: You should put your keyword in between the first 120 to 160 words.

Make sure that you should bold your keyword and do not use them more than twice.

Keyword Research Example

Because your audience will see your meta description and they got to know the description of your whole article.

They decide by seeing this whether to click it or not.

So your meta description should contain the keyword as well as the core description of your whole article.

the keyword is the backbone of any website which brings traffic on the website. check out this Awesome blog.

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So you have to focus more and more on this topic while planning your content for blog posts.

By this post, you will definitely get an idea of how to do keyword research for your blog site.

leave a quick comment below right now. 

Thank you to being a part of this Article. ❤

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The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Affiliate Marketing Guide

Do you here to know how to do Affiliate Marketing easily?

You are the right place.

You know, Affiliate Marketing is the Best Way to Make Money Online, And you are going to know the secret about Affiliate with fewer efforts.

Yes, you read it right.

Everyone wants to earn more money, That's why you are here for searching more about making money from affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is a kind of side hustle or you can say passive income, You enjoyed money from it whether you are working or not.

Because here you build a system which makes money for you. like this

Earn Money from Affiliate Marketing

amazon affiliate marketing earning proof by Top5SEO

Because here you build a system which makes money for you.

That's only for an example, there are many affiliate marketers are earning pretty much.

Tom Dupuis owner of Online Master Class is earning a good amount from Affiliates and techs How to Make Money from Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a global industry worth well over $12 billion.

But some people think that it's very tough to earn money from affiliate marketing, remember that everything takes something from you in return before giving you.

So affiliate marketing or even everything charges something from you, it may be in the form of money, energy, time. 

Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products.

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Now, we are going to learn in-depth affiliate marketing for beginners step by step. And making a platform to generate passive income.

Do you know? 

You also can make money through affiliate marketing. Good Amount. Even while you are sleeping. Only you need proper guidance for that.

Let's start with a brief definition of Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing And How Does It Work

The Best Definition of what is Affiliate Marketing can be found on Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income:

In simple words, Affiliate marketing is a process of earning a good commission by promoting or referring other company's (brand's) products and services. You find a affiliate product you like, refers it to others and earn good profits for each sale that you make.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

For you, Promoting a product and getting sales from it, here's some process that works for that.

How to do start Affiliate marketing

[Image Source: Myself Millionaire]

3 Simple steps of The Affiliate Marketing Process.

  1. You promote an affiliate product or service to your audience.
  2. Your audience interacts with product and purchase using your affiliate link.
  3. you get paid a commission for each sale by your affiliate link.

it's based on revenue sharing. Like you have a product for sale, So you can offer your products to promoters for a financial incentive through an affiliate program. 

If you don't have a product and want to earn, then you can promote a product that has an affiliate program. 

According to Wikipedia, 4 Parties are involved in Affiliate Marketing; The Merchant, The Network, The Publisher, and The Customer. 

But Other Definitions talk about only 3 parties. 

Affiliate Marketing Guide

[Image Source: NeilPatel]

Quick Information about all Parts of Affiliate Marketing Systems.

  • The Merchant - A Merchants, also known as product creator and advertiser. They create the product or services for the affiliate. Like Hubspot Affiliate Program (As a Company) and Amazon Associates Program (For individual Sellers who don't have any product). 
  • The Network - The Affiliate Network works as an intermediary between the merchants and their affiliate products. The Network is not necessary, But companies choose networks to add a layer of trust. some popular networks like ClickBank and ShareASale.
  • The Publisher - The Publisher or Affiliates, can be a company or individual marketer. We as an Affiliate Marketer, We come in this category who create content like a blog post, videos, or other media to promote their products. 
  • The Consumers - The Consumers or the Customers who make the transaction for you. They are the ones who purchase the products or generate leads for the affiliate to gain profits. 
How Does Affiliate Marketing Work

[Image Source: OptinMonster]

Which Affiliate Marketing Business Model Fit you?

Like Parts of Affiliate Marketing, different affiliate programs that use different payment terms.

Pay Per Click (PPC)You make money through an affiliate is based on the number of visitors, in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked.

Example:, RevenueHits, Skimlinks, etc. the best pay-per-click Affiliate Programs.

Pay Per Sale (PPS): Pay per sale is A type of affiliate where the advertiser or the merchant pays the affiliate based on each sale. it's a very common model of the affiliate.

Rakuten Advertising and Commission Junction is the best PPS Affiliate programs. 

Pay Per Lead(PPL): You make money through pay-per-lead by generating leads for your affiliate and get paid a good commission for that. Grammarly is the best example of a PPL affiliate. 

The term "affiliate marketing" is searched approximately 49,500 times every month in the USA. [Source: here]

Affiliate Marketing Pros and Cons

As we know every business has advantages and disadvantages because a good business depends on analytics and facts.

Understanding these will help you decide whether affiliate marketing is a good fit for you.

Affiliate Marketing Pros and Cons

[Image Source: TheBalanceSMB]

Pros of Affiliate Marketing

There are a lot of advantages of affiliate marketing which are given below :

FlexibilityYou have freedom of time for Affiliate Marketing. You can work at any time, whenever you want to work. It's totally up to you. 54.28 percent of affiliate marketers run their operations at home. Source [Here]

Self-Employment: After getting into this business you will be your boss. You can work according to your will and no one can order you. You don't need workers or building to start.

No Inventory Management: There is no inventory management. Generally in a business or online e-store people have to manage a lot of inventory, but there is no need to manage inventory.

Less Equipment: You don't need any kind of expensive equipment, all you have is just a laptop with an internet connection. 42.1 percent of sales were made by mobile phone users.

No Physical Product: There is no need to Create products. You can get a wide range of products on the internet to sell. You don't have to take the stress for stock or delivery the product.

Low Overhead Costs: You don't have to pay anyone to start it. Most of the affiliate programs are free. Just promote or refer and earn from affiliate marketing.​​

Passive Income: You can make Passive Income with Affiliate. it's all depends on your affiliate program and your hard work.

Cons of Affiliate Marketing

There are some disadvantages to affiliate marketing.

Lack of Trusted Programs: There are many Best Affiliate Marketing Programs but some Affiliate Networks are fake. Choose the legit website for Affiliate Marketing.

Time: It can take time to generate the amount of traffic needed to result in income. it's all depends on the commitment and experimenting over a length of time.

No Customer Base: You may not target the correct audience for the product. So observe your product before advertising it.

High Competition: This is Highly Competitive. However, this shouldn’t scare you. Remember that the obligatory factors of success are hard work and persistence.

Affiliate Hijacking: Hackers or hijackers can hack your affiliate links and you can be lost your payments. but it's not  Some companies fail to pay their affiliate marketers.

In the beginning, you don't quit and start learning from other affiliate marketers. And work effectively and efficiently. 

most Profitable niche for Affiliate Marketing

Choosing only affiliate marketing programs is not a solution to make a good amount. You need to research Profitable niches for Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Guide For Beginners

Top 10 Affiliate Niches by [AMNavigator]

There are a lot of niches for affiliate... but For you,

Here's the Best Affiliate Marketing Niche List are given below.

Fashion: Fashion is the most profitable niche in affiliate marketing industries with 23.27% of all affiliates on the internet.  That's there are opportunities to succeed with high competition also.

Sports & Outdoor: This is the second biggest niche with 18.16% of all affiliate programs online. it has an estimated value of $65 billion.  That's good for Recreation, Fitness Sports Apparel, and Fan Merchandise. 

Health/Wellness & Beauty:  This niche is the third most-converting affiliate marketing niche with 18% Market. this is good for supplements, health-related products, weight loss, skincare. Check out the best Health & Beauty Affiliate Programs.

Travel: Travel Affiliate Niche is also popular in terms of exploring exciting places, hotels, and photo-shoot angles. It has 11% searches and market capital in affiliate industries. 

Computers & Electronics: 41.04% of affiliate marketers prefer to promote products under the computers and electronics category.

Finance and Insurance: This is also the best-known Affiliate niche for earnings. this can be grateful for you if you go with Finance Affiliate Niche.

That's the main factor before choosing an Affiliate Programs in Marketing Terms:

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

[Image Source: HostingTribunal]

Everything depends on the best products for your audience.

The founder of an Affiliate Marketing Agency - David Gonzalez, suggests that you should think about these 3 components when choosing a product to promote:

  1. Your Audience - Your Audience can connect with those products?
  2. Product Quality & Value - would you advocate your family to buying it?
  3. Profitability - Is that make high commission and payout?

Major Things Before Starting an Affiliate Marketing 

Some major things to keeps in mind before starting an affiliate marketing.

Niche: First you have to choose a niche for your affiliate marketing program. In the above paragraph, I mentioned the best niches for Affiliate marketing.

You can choose any one of them you like most or anything else. It's important. Also, You have to Choose Niche For Blog for Target audience.

So before starting your business, you have to clear your mind and decide each and everything.

Social Media Platform: Here are dozens of sites for uses. but Choose the right one and high traffic social platform for Affiliate Marking. 

Some Trustworthy sites like Facebook, YouTube, Quora, etc. can gives you the right audience for Marketing. You can also use the Facebook page for this purpose.

Read Also: How to Increase Facebook Likes Organically (Full Guide)

Audience: After choosing the Niche, You can define your audience. You need to more clearly what your audience likes most.

For Example... You selected Health Niche and your product is about gaining weight organically but your audience wants losing weight. That's wrong

If you target the wrong audience then it will worsen for both for your site as well as your affiliate marketing strategy.

Study & Learn From Other Affiliates: You can connect with other affiliate marketers and learn from them. Because you are new in this field so you can take help from others.

And help you to make and build your business empire through affiliate marketing. You can also learn from other sources as well. 

Keep updated for affiliate marketing because the audience always looked for brand new products.

How to generate traffic for affiliate marketing

This is the problem faced by a lot of affiliate marketers.

If you getting Free Traffic for your Affiliate Marketing Business then:

  • You don't have to spend money on advertising.
  • You don't need to go out and pound the pavement.
  • You don't need to pay for employees.

Here I am going to explore some free platforms to promote your products for getting results.


Facebook is a leading platform for affiliate marketing. You can get a lot of customers from here who can surely like your product. But target your audience according to your product. 

Facebook Affiliate Marketing

Amazon Affiliate Ad on Facebook [Source: Here]

If you have your Business Page on Facebook then you can promote your product here, Or you can share your affiliate links in Affiliate marketing Groups.

You can buy Traffic for Affiliate via Facebook Ads for super-fast growth and sales.


Almost all YouTube Creators Use Amazon Affiliate Links and some Other Programs to earn handsome money.

YouTube Affiliate Marketing

YouTube Affiliate Link Example [Source: Here]

You can promote E-books, Courses, Your Electronic accessories Links (i.e. Laptop, Mobile, Cameras links) and more.

If you have your own Channel then that's awesome. But

If you don't have your YouTube Channel then you can find your Product related Videos and Comment down your Affiliate link with the super exciting deals.


Quora is the best-ranked website for Question & Answers. But You have the advantage to use Quora for Marketing as an Affiliate Promotion site.

You can promote your products through niche-related questions. Just give value via your answer and put your affiliate links.

Let's take an example of Quora Affiliate Links to promotions;

Quora Affiliate Marketing

[Image Source: Quora]

You can give reviews of your products and add affiliate links. You can recommend Products or useful information related to your products.


Twitter is also the best and trusted social platform for making sales. With twitter, you can get a targeted audience.

You just have to use "Advance Search Option" for searching for clients. (It's Secret)

For Example, If your affiliate niche is about Camera's then search for "I am looking for DSLR" and you will get tweet of those who want to buy DSLR camera.

What is Affiliate Marketing

[Example of Twitter Target Audience.]

Now, You know how to promote your products on twitter. 

You can also find a lot of customers from here as by recommending your product. it's easy for people to contact you. 


Reddit is the American Social News Aggregation, Web Content Rating, and Discussion website. 

According to Wikipedia, Reddit is the No. 5 Most Visited site in the United States. So, you can target The US Audience.

On Reddit, You can join Affiliate Sub-Reddit Community (Reddit Groups) to Promote Links or you can Post Text and Direct Links to your audience.


Pinterest (Also know as "catalog of Ideas") is the Image-based Social Media Platform. it has more than 320+ Million monthly active users. 

I also recommend you to use this site to promote products. Just you have to create a "New Board" In your niche. After that starting Creating Pin for Affiliate product. 


Craiglist is the U.S. based Classified Advertisement platform. it has a vast network all over the world with High traffic.

It has a lot of sections devoted to jobs, home & gardening, for sales, Wanted items, services, discussion forums, and more.

As an Affiliate Marketer, You can make a good amount of money from Craiglist. You can drive traffic to your affiliate blog.

Search Engine Optimization [SEO]:

Search Engine Optimization is a Process to Boost Your Site Rank Higher on Google and Search Engine.

SEO Increase your Site traffic and high traffic is equal to high conversions. 

If You have an affiliate site or a blog So, You can use the best SEO  to make your website high rank-able on google. Build Trust to your Audience via Valuable information.

Building Your Email List:

Email List Building is the Lifeblood of all the Online Marketing Model especially Affiliate Marketing Model. 

Email List has the potential to reach the right and targeted customers. You can promote your Blog content through email and get affiliate earns from theirs.

You don't need a long list, just a small list may give you some good results.


WhatsApp is a Messaging platform but many people use it as a Business Marketing platform. Get the advantage from here.

You can also promote your products through WhatsApp as they also like their product and they are your known person so there is most probable that they can buy it.

I hope you find this article useful. Thank you for reading this article so patiently. I hope you will find it useful, if yes then share it with all your needs friends.

If you need more content from our website then please comment below. 

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​​​​​​​Niche For Blog: Guide To Choose Niche For Your Blog

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Niche For Blog: Guide To Choose Niche For Your Blog

How To Choose A Perfect Niche For Blog

You have Started a Blog or Think About that but, you haven't decided to choose a Perfect and Profitable niche for your Blog.

And You also Want to Find a Perfect Niche for Blogging. Then We Here to Help Help You. 

As You Know, Blogging Is A Great Platform To Earn Online And Following Your Passion Also.

That's Not Mean You Started A Blog And Start Writing Quickly.

All You Need Is Just Your Writing Passion. Taking A Decision Is Easy.

There Are ​152 Million Blogs On The Web. Every 0.5 Second Upload A New Blog.

But After This, There Is A Common Problem That Everybody Has To Face Which Is "Niche For Your Blog".

So In This Article, We Solve All The Niche Related Problems.

What Is A blogging Niche?

In Short, Blogging Niche Is A Particular Market To Using It For Your Profits. Or A Specific Market for Your audience that you Interested in it or Passionate about it. 

A niche for blogging refers to a subject upon which you want to share your knowledge with your audience.

Niche is related to a specific field in which you have a proper market and you want to feed that audience with that particular field knowledge.

Niche blogs (Niche Websites) is new a Concept for beginners and Intermediate blogger. People using niche list for rank easier (and that's works).  

instead of email Subscribers, blog post get 3.5X more shared on social media.

For an quick example of blog niche:

You are a traveler and you love travelling a lot. then you started a blog to write related traveling and your journey experiences.

Now, Your passion (traveling) and earning (Blogging) get Matched.

so, now you can write as much you want based on your experiences. That's your profitable niche for blog.

“No Niche Is Too Small, If It's Yours”

- Seth Godin -

Importance Of Choosing The Niche For Your Blog

So it's also a very important question, why we choose a particular niche for our blog?

Why we should not write on different topics whatever we want. Why is it important to write for a specific niche?

Before starting your blog you have to decide your audience to whom you targeted. 

it may be "geographic areas, a Specific country, a specialty industry, ethnic or age groups, or any other particular group of people.

But Once You Have Started Writing Your Blog Then It Should Be On A Specific Niche.

Because If You Jump Upon Different Niches Or On Other Market, Then Your Audience Doesn't Stick To You.

They Don't Match Yourself With Your Content And May Leave You Blog Site. That's Not Good.

Blogging NIche

That shows Niche blog has target audience for a particular market

Let's take an example

As We Before Talked About A Travel Blogger, So What Happened If you Doesn't Stick To your Particular Niche Travel Blogging.

Then your Audience started switching to other blogger who writes only Traveling related Content. and start losing your audience.

So A Blogger Has To Target A Particular Audience So That The Audience Sticks To His Website.

Blogger Has To Try His Best To Feed His Audience With Informative Content Related To His Niche.

When The Audience Gets What They Want, And For That Kind Of Content That They Thought To Get Before Join Your Blogging Site.

Then It's Good For That Blogging Site. Because A Happy Customer Attracts More Customers.

In Simple ways

niche is important to specify your audience for your right market(niche).

You Don't Need 1000+ Ideas For Starting Your Own Blog. Just Select a #NicheBlog And  Start Giving Your experience About that.

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Benefits For Find A Perfect Niche For Blog

Choosing a perfect niche for your blog is really beneficial.

writing in a Specific Category helps you get more and more creativity with your contents. 

general blogging ( know as "lifestyle niche" also ) not get rank easier but niche blog. 

Choose A Prefect Niche For Blog

That's the Benefits of Blogging niche

Have look on some benefits of niche blog:

  • Niche Blogs Make It Easier To Monetize Your Blog for-profits
  • You never have a shortage of content on your blogging site.
  • niche blogs keep you on track to write more Interesting content. 
  • It encourages you to collect more fresh content for your audience.
  • With a blog niche, you can find well-define audience for your blog.
  • A perfect niche makes your blog easy to rank Compared to without niche.
  • it will Easier to set up and add new contents to attract more audience.
  • blogging niche provides you well define audience for affiliate marketing also.
  •  It Helps You To Create Unique Content That Makes Your Content Different From Others.

How To Find A Perfect Niche For Your Blog

Before that, there is no issue to go with general category like others or anyone force you to choose niche blog or stick with one niche.

and there are lot's of bloggers get Success in General and more than one niches.

some Example check this. 

Best NIches For Blog

​​​​Source: HuffPost

in 2005, arianna huffington started The Huffington Post (know as "HuffPost" also).

This website post about business, technology, finance, lifestyle, books, Entertainment, politics, etc. almost every niche covered by HuffPost. 

according to huffpost yearly revenue is 250$ Million.

Let's see the one more example

in 2011, brian lam founded The WireCutter as a product review site. with more than one niches.

they focused almost every product such as electronics, home, or kitchen appliances, money, travel, health, etc. that Generate 1 Million$ yearly revenue.

Well, know you know the truth behind the Specific niche and general niche.

and there is lot's of awesome website with one specific website.

Quick example.

  1. 1
    Brian Dean Founder Of Backlinko Write About Google Algorithms And SEO.
  2. 2
    Neil Patel is an expert in Online Marketing, and online business.  
  3. 3
    We as Myself Millionaire write about blogging, online earning and social growth.

a blogging niche have power to give you Specific and well define audience for affiliate, ebooks, courses and more.

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So, now you know difference between blogging niche and general niche.

Let's find a profitable niche for your blog. okay?

for finding the niche for your blog you have to self analyze for that:

ready to dive in.

#1. Find your passion

Find A Niche For Blog

Find Your Passion 

to write about something or stay on track with the same Interest on one particular topic you have to Passionate about that. 

for pick a niche for blog think about your daily life.

you are Passionate about blogging and you want to start a blog. but without passion, you can't do anything.

in any field, people wants to define own passion, but for you, you are going to get your niche soon.

for niche blog you have to clear your goal about which topics or subject you like most.

it's really easy to find your passion, if not then not worry we here to solve this.

#2. write down All the Things You like most

Well, now it's not Difficult for you. you know about yourself what you like most.

for an example..... if you travel a lot and you like to visit Different places. then choosing  travel niche for blog is good for you.

that's mean you can write about your experiences and best views, shop, hotels about that place.

But for now, your list might look like this:

  • Traveling
  • grooming
  • Movies
  • Gaming
  • technology
  • Sports (like, Cricket, hockey)
  • Singing
  • online marketing
  • graphic Designing 
  • business 

#3. take advantage from your daily life.

for finding your niche and your passion you can take Advantage from your daily basic life.

Think about the blogs or topics do you read Mostly on internet?

which types of magazines do you Subscribe?

which kind of books do you read for knowledge?

do you think, you have wide range of different interests, or you might find yourself in almost same topics (i.e. "online earning")?

just write down all the things related to blog niches.  and see if they bring up any clearness about your blog niche Ideas.

#4. Make lists of your hobbies and experiences

Yeah, every step is important for Finding your niche. 

what types of jobs you ever done? write down as well. and what about your hobbies?

what do you do in your free times?

what types of learning you enjoy from internet?

Do you have experience in any special work?

for example... you like to do cooking in your free time or it maybe seeing cooking videos on YouTube. For me, I love to watch online earning videos

just make a list of all the things.

#5. list significant things you've accomplished recently

on the internet, Many successful blogs teach people "how to" do something.

from teaching "how to Increase Facebook Likes" to how to become famous on TikTok.

every person have own Experiences and tricks to reach on top with that help.

For example... Mr. Money Mustache teaching people how to save money and start investing that helps to freedom from money so they can retire early.

What significant accomplishments have you ever had? some ideas for that:

  • Lose weight and weight Maintenance
  • stock market, investment and mutual funds
  • Photography and style poses

these are all examples of accomplish that others people love to read about that- it could be anything that most people struggle to accomplish.

answers the questions to get your blog niche Instantly

Now it’s time to validate the list you brainstormed. 

for now, after Analyzing all the things at least you have a loose ideas in your mind for your blog niche.

it's times to find  top profitable niche for blogs here. just give the answers of some questions and get your blog niche instantly.

if you select your niche but what about reader? how do you think if your blog niche will really translate into a Successful blog and attract audience?

if you found your almost answer in yes then it will be best for you if not try with other niche.

you can find your niche but what profitability, your Knowledge about that and your Interest?

Perfect Niche For Blog

Best Winning Niche Example

and the questions are:

#1. will i love to writing about 50+ posts without expecting money for a year?

According to a research, 99% blogs failed in 2019 and Continuously increased this Graph in 2020. 

and there is main reason is expecting too early and lack of motivation.

you created a blog and start publishing post in every week. but, within 3-5 month, your post will start decreasing and in the end you gave up.

your aim to start a blog is earning. right? 

but in starting you start expecting for readers and earning. it's not good.

if you have potential to write almost 50+ posts in a week and with hard motivation and you Can get Easily success in blogging.

about your niche, if you can write without expecting in the first year then if will be suitable for you.

#2. are there people interested in your niche and want to read your topics?

after the first question, if you agree with that then you can jump on second question for pick a niche for blog.

you get your niche but reader are Interested about that? find out the conclusion for that.

for your niche, you have to research about your audience. some popular tools like KWFinder and SEMrush will help to find your keyword search volume.

For example...

"Make Money Online" has 74000+/mo visitors and that's a good amount for earn profits from blog.

and "start a blog" has own 60.000+ monthly visitors. and that's really good for blogs

Like This check your niche and self analyse that:

"Cooking- 110000", "Gaming News- 110000", "photography- 301000" and more.

if you will able to find at least 40-50 normal keywords in your blog niche with 300-10.k+ monthly search volumes then you can Easily build profitable blog.

we don't need high volume searches because of high Competitions.

Important Tip for your 

first of all, high keyword volumes not means you will get vast audience and all. don't focus on keyword high volume. I just showed the examples.

high search volume = More people focusing on the same terms = more competition = less chance of getting success.

keyword with 250-10000 search volumes  is the best for the beginners and after that you will get automatically good visitors 

#3. Is This Niche Likely to Be Around for Years to Come?

It's also a important question about your blog niche.

you never want to end up your blog after starting from scratch after  ten months or a year.

your aim to choose a niche for blog to Going to be around for years to come.

Quick Example for that:

You Don't A Your Niche For some Year Like "Cricket World Cup" Or "Olympics Games". right? we need a niche for many years.

let's start with google trends free tool to check about important data like,

  • people are really searching your niche
  • and their interest is increasing or Decreasing in trends

it's best place to Analyse your niche keywords.

Let's for "Travel" vs "Olympics Games" on google trends for an Example.​​​​

Profitable Niche For Blog

source: ​Google Trends

now, you can see the difference between Travel and olympics games. from last 5 years, travel niche increases own value but olympics  games not because it's come once in five years

so, you know your niche should Reachable for long terms. okay?

#4. Can I make profits from this niche?

yeah, this time has come to figure out can you money from your blog niche? 

if you have creative mind, then you can earn handsome Amount from your blog as long as you have Great an audience.

some pro blog niches are always Going to earn more money than others. because they know creative ways to monetize their blog. 

in the last, i will reveal some most profitable niches for your blog. 

High Keyword Search Volume Not Means Lot's Of Money.

find out the Possibility to make money from your niche blog.

How others bloggers make profits from blogging.

  • Display Banner ads and other advertisements on their blog
  • promoting product or services via reviews
  • sell own digital products, courses, and services
  • and some own things else.

All right so, you are all clear about your blogging niche. if you have found your niche for your blog then congratulations...

Niche for blog: Choose the perfect niche for your blog (10+ profitable niche ideas)

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it's time to take some pro tips about niche blogs.

let's begin...

Micro niche blog concept

after the niche blog, you have to understand about micro niche blog concept.

so, what is a micro niche?

In Short, micro niche is sub niche of the main niche and it's represent a small part of the audience from a broader niche.

Let's take a quick example of a shoe as a niche – here shoes is the core niche and sub-niches will be casual shoes, formal shoes, sports shoes, etc.

Best NIche For Blog in 2020

Example of Mirco NIche

Now, you know the meaning of mirco niche.

Core niche means root of tree and micro niche(sub-niche) is branches of the trees.

Mirco niches are easy to rank in google with law search volumes and it's very good

let's see the difference between global niche and micro niche.

Choose a Perfect Niche For Your Blog

Source: BloggingNova

it's a simple and clear graphic to understand the difference between niches for blog.

if your core niche have high competitions then you can use mirco niche and that is helpful for you.

Best Blog Niche Ideas In 2020

Let's know the some popular niches for blog:

  • Traveling Blogs: if you love trips, holidays, vacations, excited about traveling and curious about new experiences. then it this niche perfect for you. you can write about hotels, best places, food centers, affordable trips under the budget.
  • Health Blogs: many peoples search on the internet to stay fits, healthy diet, best exercise and, all. you can create a blog under this niche.
  • Photography / Digital Photography: It's the best niche if you loved photography. Or you want to promote your photography business furthermore.
  • Parenting: There are a lot of parents who are scared because of the weird or bad behavior of their child. They can't understand how to handle their children. So you can suggest some ways or measures handle different kinds of children.
  • Small Business Marketing: You can teach small business marketing strategies to others and help them to grow their business.
  • Search engine optimization: There are a lot of people who don't know how to do SEO properly and run their website on Google so you can help them to learn SEO properly.
  • Personal finance: It's the common and most demanding subject upon which people want to learn as people don't get enough knowledge about it at school and colleges so they are in search of personal finance knowledge on the internet. And there is a high market base in it.
  • Personal development: You can also acquire a huge market base in it because there are a lot of people who have searched daily for personal development on google. It's the most demanding skill in the future.
  • Copywriting: You can also make articles to provide knowledge about copywriting as there are so many people who want to learn copywriting and want to earn from home.
  • Online earning: It's the topic on which there are a lot of people who want to know about it. So you can easily make a market place in it. As you provide them valuable content along with proofs of online earning.
  • Food recipe blog: In this blog, you can share different food recipes that help the youngsters or hoteliers. It's best for food lovers.
  • Home improvement/interior designing: In this niche, you give different ways or methods for people to decorate their houses. You can also promote yourself as an interior designer.

there are a lot of more niches in which you may try. All you have to do is just find your inner voice and start taking action.

I hope you all find it useful. Also, share this content with your friends so that it may help them.

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Increase Facebook Likes: Quick and Organically (That’s Works)

Increase Facebook LIkes

Stuck with finding the right strategy to increase more likes on your Facebook page?

Bro, Please Like My Facebook Page……

Are you using that kind of words on Facebook just to increase a couple of likes on your Facebook page?

Don’t worry

Here’s you will know How to Increase Facebook Page Likes with some Easy and Simple Steps ( That’s Work).  Stay Tunned………..!

Facebook is the most popular social media network worldwide with over (2.4 billion monthly active users) and continuously go on. Facebook has the largest number of active users, Among 74% of people use the site every day.

Facebook Monthly Users Worldwide

Image source:

On Facebook have over 60 million active business Pages. and According to Study Facebook organic reach is fall 52% for Publisher’s Pages in the past three years.

There are about 65 Million Active Small Business pages on Facebook. That works for Traffic, Conversions, and Leads.

Facebook Organic Reach: That’s simply a measurement to reach maximum peoples without spending money or How many people can engage with your post for free.

It’s all working on Facebook algorithms like organic rank on a search engine, In the Facebook case it’s based on aspects like Page popularity, Post Frequency, Sharing, Engaging, and other contributing factors.

Facebook Page Organic Reach

Growing your Facebook page is Tricky? Not Exactly.

So, What’re the Best Ways to Increase Facebook Likes? That’s exactly what we’ll cover in this article.  

Here’s the Breakdown:

#1. Focus on Quality, Not Quantity
#2. Timing Is Everything
#3. Create Shareable Content
#4. Encourage Facebook Comments
#5.Create an Effective Profile Picture And Cover Photo
#6. Stay Relevant
#7. Facebook Contest
#8.Posts That Users Feel Obligated To Share
#9. Add Social Plugins To Your Website
#10. Find Out What Attracts Your Community Most
#11. Facebook Insights
#12. Facebook Ads

You have watched so many videos related “How to increase likes on the Facebook Page” before and now you are reached to this article after reading a lot of articles.

But don’t worry I promised you that you will satisfy through this article and after reading this you don’t need to go anywhere for finding some other result.

Time is Money

“We Value Your Time”

So read this article completely with patience and understand each and every point deeply. It will help you a lot but all you have to do is just a favor of reading this article consciously.

#1 Focus On Quality, Not Quantity

Facebook is the most engaging social network with over 350 million photos are uploaded every day. So?

So, you have to focus on Quality over Quantity.

And that’s the first step to take you to Increase your Facebook Page Likes.

People don’t want to see lengthy and complex Images with unscheduled posts. Every user wants High-Quality, Valuable and Informative Content.

You have to sort out what kind of things you have to do for your Audience

Quality over Quantity

Here’s the deal:

  • People Don’t Have Much Time To Read It
  • No One Liked To Read A Long Paragraph As They Feel Bored
  • Everyone Liked To Work Fast As They Are Impatient

What’s That? If you have a business Facebook page so always post niche related Informative content.

Use 80/20 Marketing rule for more engaging like 80% of leads in content marketing are from 20% of the content assets, So always create 20% content for advertising and 80% content for Information and all.

As you know Content is king but, Valuable Content is King. So, again I said, provide Quality over Quantity. Much quality you provide more people will trust you.

So you must have tried your best to make short posts so that people will read them and easily understand your point of view.

Bottom line?

Create Quality content over Quantity content, Less but more valuable for your audience.

Your short posts will make them attractive because few words are more powerful than a lot of words. So try to speak in fewer meaningful words.

#2. Timing Is Everything:

Timing is the more important thing to grow your Facebook page organically. how?

As you know every Facebook users have own time to use Facebook, but there is some common time zone & the best time in the globe to active people.

For some International Audience, have different time zone to post for all. right?

Facebook Global Engagement TimeImage Source:

Every Facebook page is different, they have a different niche and different kind of audience. So you have to analyze your audience and then post according to them.

But remember that, your posting time will affect your audience and your whole page.

It’s up to you, how you will manage it and use your observation power.

Here’s the deal:

  • Upload Your Post In The Best Time
  • Find Out Your Best Engaging Time On Facebook
  • Fix your Daily or Weekly Post and Upload Frequently
  • Consistency Is the Important Factor For Maximum Reach

According to Buffer post reach strategy proves some important point;

Average Facebook Posts Per Day

Image source:

As you can see how many posts for a day they started and the end of the day they found one post per day is the best for all audiences and maximum reach also. Got it?

Now, you know that How much post for a day is good. right?

So when there are fewer posts, it becomes less likely that a post gets lost in your audience’s feed.

Higher Quality less word with right time

1 Post Per Day Recommended

So, I also recommend you to upload one post a day. it’s good for your audience news feed and your organic reach.

Every field or Industries has its own specific time zone for better engagement on social media.

Here’s the best time to post on social media and consistency is the important thing.

Best time to post on Facebook for the best reach.

Best Time to Post on Facebook

Image source:

  • B2C: 9 am to 10 am, 12 pm – 1 pm, 4 pm to 5 pm.
  • B2B: 9 am to 4 pm, from 3 pm to 4 pm is the best.
  • Software Services: 9 am to 5 pm, then it drops off. 9 am, 3 pm, and 5 pm are the best.
  • Healthcare: 6 am-7 am, 9 am, 11 am-Noon.
  • Media: 7 am, 11 am, 6 pm.
  • Higher Education: 8 am, Noon, 3 pm.

#3. Create Shareable Content

Creating Shareable Content is a little difficult (now) than ever.

Facebook Organic Reach is totally down that’s why creating attractive and emotion trigger content is important.

Whenever you noticed…..?  you are scrolling Facebook newsfeed and then suddenly you see a post.

which you have liked so much and you quickly share that picture with your friends. yeah.

Create Shareable Content

Thus, the post which you had seen you share with your friend quickly because it’s a human tendency, of they liked anything then they share it with their loved ones.

So you can also use this strategy to increase likes on your page post.

Just create more attractive & Informative content related to your niche so that people will like it and also share it with others.

By this method, people share your post just to express their point of view and you have got free advertisement.

So at very first, you try your best to post rich and likable posts on your page. In this way, you got some honest likers.

Here’s the point of Creating Shareable Content with some easy steps.

  • Catchy & Bold Headline
  • Attractive Color & style
  • Humor & Trigger Emotions
  • Convincing & Relatable to Audience (Trending)

#4. Encourage People to Comments:

Facebook is a social platform so obviously, people will react on your post but Commenting is also a great way to gain exposure for your page. Alright?

Everyone likes to talk to a person who responds to them with less time.

No one likes to only listen to a person. The conversation is from both sides. Community and fan base are made from responding to each other.

The average response time for companies on Facebook is one day, three hours, and 47 minutes. Yet, 85% of customers on Facebook expect a response from companies within six hours.

Because your responding nature attracts more and more audience.

According to Psychology behind Facebook Likes, Neil Patel clear a point about Questioning posts likes, comment, and share to Non-Questioning posts ratio.

Questioning Posts Stats on Facebook

Image Source:

So post those kinds of posts so that people also express their points of view in the comment section. You also mention in the caption to share their thoughts with you.

Everyone likes attention and response from others. They also feel connected to you through your response to them as well as you also.

  • Answer All The Questions On User
  • Give Thank Someone For The Positive Respond
  • Acknowledge A Different Opinion
  • Be Polite To Everyone

Not everyone will have something nice to say or agree with you all the time. So, No Aggression

That’s perfectly OK. You can still respond to those comments. Just make sure you keep things professional at all times and stay on brand.

“Commenting on your post is signal that your post is helpful and Informative for them.”

Through this engagement and views of your audience in the comment section, you can easily analyze the interest of your audience which will help you to create another post.

#5. Effective Profile Picture And Cover Photo:

What is the first thing that people will notice when they see your Facebook page?

That’s your Profile Picture and Cover Picture. right?

Your Profile and the Cover Picture shows who you are and what about your page.

Keep it simple

Don’t Try to cover as much information as possibly trying to obtain the perfect cover photo.

The cover image should have a clear focal point to draw the visitor’s attention.

Nike Brand Facebook Profile

How simple is it? 3 Words, 11 Characters Simple – You don’t need a picture description or clarification and all.

This is effective and attractive for a global brand like Nike. right?

That shows the Nike logo as a Profile Picture and slogan as a Cover Photo. Simple

Nike makes Athletic wear & Equipment for almost every sport and people of all ages and genders.

According to Sproutsocial report, People that follow a brand on social media

Follow a Brand on Social Media

Here’s the breakdown:

Your Facebook page profile picture and cover photo must define your brand, business, and personality.

As clear as a simple Cover photo for personal branding.

And both pictures should show your ambition or purpose behind your page.

Your profile picture and cover picture are the things that make the first impression of your page in front of your audience. So choose your profile picture and cover picture wisely.

#6. Stay Relevant:

You’ve got to consider the Quality, Timing, and Profile clarification of your posts to increase Facebook likes.

What is it about?

To grow up your online business, you have to stay up to date with social trends and pop culture (also called mass culture). especially relevant to your business.

Always staying on your brand/business is important.

When something happens that is newsworthy or you are creative, try to find a way to spin it and make it relevant to your niche and Facebook page. It’s really exciting things 

Let’s take an example for a better understanding.

Let assume you sell clothing, If a winter storm is heading toward a certain region of the country, you can use that to promote warm gear like hats, gloves, boots, and coats. alright?

Another Example

Assume that you are a student of law and you have liked Facebook pages related to law niche.

But then suddenly these pages shared shows you meme or cook food recipes. Then how do you feel at that time?

It sounds crazy and weird. Yeah of course it is.Stay Relevant

So as simple as you should have to post videos or posts which will be related to your niche.

So don’t go with the flow just stick with your niche and always post to keep your niche in your mind. And always tried to fulfill the demands of your audience.

“Don’t Forget The Purpose Or Main Motive Behind This Page.”

Avoid some sensitive topics like politics, religion, etc. Form up those types of subjects can hurt your brand image.

Tips to stay relevant on Facebook:

#1. Post at Strategic Times: As you know to already discuss it. always post on the best time on Facebook for more engagement.
#2. Remind Followers to Share Your Content: Yes, say people to share your content with others. People will engage with that.
#3. Stay Up to Date With Trends: Always with the latest trends, you can get the ideas for more posting.

So you have to satisfy your audience with rich and quality content. And satisfy them with the reason behind why they started following your page.

Read it Also: How to Make Money from Youtube with easy ways.

#7 Facebook Contest:

A Facebook Contest and promotions is an easy way to increase Facebook Page Likes by enticing them with a prize.

The Facebook contest is a great way to convert users into leads and signups.

Check out a few examples of Facebook Contest:

Image Source:

Getting more likes on each post Caption Contest is the best way for it.

Caption Contests: A Caption Contests is a Competition between multiple participants, who are required to give the best description for a certain image offered by the contest organizer. Contest related rules and information are also given by the organizer.

“One Successful Facebook Contest is Equal to Hundreds of Pieces of Content, And Many Hours.”

Facebook contests are those things which make engage your audience.

Now, How to run a successful Facebook Contest?

#1. Choose a Prize and Entry Method
#2. Build your Contest Page
#3. Promote & Share your Contest
#4. Monitor your Contest
#5. Post-Contest Follow-up & Promotion

These Facebook contest make your audience believe and attraction towards your page.

You can start the quiz competition or ask some questions related to your niche or any kind of contest which you like.

But tried your best to engage your audience through this contest. Make sure that the contest winner will be rewarded.

Because reward attracts more and more people in your contest and this engagement increases the fan base of your page.

When you set a reward for the winner then the new audience will participate and this increases your likes as well as followers on the Facebook page.

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#8. Posts That Users Feel Obligated To Share

You created a post and people only liking and commenting on your post, not sharing. why?

Because this is not necessary to share your post with others.

Create posts that make users feel obligated to share. okay?

Everything will depend upon your post. This is the most important thing which attracts people most probably.

By adding Call to Action term can boost your share rate and engagement easily

Call to Action Terms for Facebook

Image Source:

So, if you want to increase Facebook likes then use the call to action term to users make feel obligated to share.

Bottom line?

If your audience feels obligated to your page then this will worth you.

More share more engagement on your post. Keep it simple.

Use call to action terms such as Share, Please, Like, Now, etc. in your post. Make your users Obligated to share your posts.

#9. Add Social Plugins to Your Website:

Last week I was reading a related article. and then end of the article I found his social handle then I clicked and checked the Facebook Page and I started following up. Yeah!

In the same way, other people also do the same things as I do.

So, Add your Facebook handle to your website and they will find your social media for following up.

Social Media Icons

There is also a benefit of this to you, you have a common audience on your all social platform that is from website to your Facebook or Instagram.

This makes your work easy and you have to analyze your audience and make posts that make them satisfied.

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#10. Find Out What Attracts Your Community:

For building trust and belief in your audience, you have to attract your community.

Analyze your audience and their interest and then according to them, you have to post content on it.

Creating only rich and quality content not enough. You have to find out which types of posts your audiences like. right?

4 Types of Facebook Posts

Image Source:

Here are 4 types of posts on Facebook:

  1. Photos Pots
  2. Link Posts
  3. Videos
  4. Text Posts

You have to do research about what your community likes most.

First of all, Attracting an audience means building trust and engaging with each post. okay?

For Example, Is your community like the questioning post? or Is your community likes research data posts most?

It all depends on little research. Going to clear in the next point.

Because you have to make them satisfy only then you will be get followed by your audience, otherwise, they unfollow you.

Remember that the interest of people will change with time.

So. you also have to change with time and go with the trend. Always stay up to date with time.

#11 Facebook Insights:

Facebook Insights is a powerful tool from Facebook for those wanting to track user interaction on their Facebook business page. This designed to help Facebook marketers learn more about their target audiences, including aggregate information about geography, demographics, purchase behavior and more.

By using this tool you can find all of the important things related to your audience.

You can analyze the best time of the day or the best time of a month to post and what type of content is most popular.

Facebook Insight

Image Source:

With the Facebook Insight you are able to track:

  • Demographics — Your Audience Age, Gender, Education, Relationship Status, Job Role, and Daily Routine Information.
  • Location and language — You can Where Your Audience Live, and What Kind of Languages they speak.
  • Page likes — The Top Pages People Like in Different Fields like Men’s clothing or athletics.
  • Purchases activity — Past purchase behavior (i.e. heavy buyers of Men’s clothing) and purchase methods (i.e., offline store, online)
  • Facebook usage — How frequently are people in your target audience logging onto Facebook and what device(s) they are using when they log on.
  • Virality — Which type of posts was the most sucessful(I.e. help to sort posts like, photos, links, videos

And basically, there is the full analysis of your Facebook page is in the insights. And you have to observe it sincerely and then improve your post and content according to your audience.

#12 Facebook Ads:

Facebook Ads preview

Yeah, This is the paid method to Increase Facebook Likes Fast. and Yes, It’s worthy it.

You don’t need an expert to set your Facebook campaigns. It’s easy to track your performance through self-service tools.

Facebook provides the cheapest advertising services, and the average price for Facebook Ads decreased by 6% in 2019.

A study by Wordstream The average cost per click for a Facebook Ad is $1.72. Overall Facebook Ad impressions increased by 37% in 2019.

7 Steps to Run a Facebook Advertising Campaign

  1. Choose your objective: In Objective, you need to find select your goal(I.e. for brand awareness, Conversion, website traffic, lead generation, sales, etc.)
  2. Select your audience: In the Audience section, You will select target audience locations, people age, and gender.
  3. Decide where to run your ad: Then, you have to decide your ad placements(I.e. Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Audience Network, or across them all.)
  4. Set your budget: Now, select your budget and date for ads.
  5. Pick a format: Choose from six versatile ad formats — Image, Videos, Slidebar, etc.
  6. Place your order: When you submit your ad after payment. your ads will visible to your right audience.
  7. Measure and manage your ad: Now, You can track your ad performances.

This is the best method to get more audience on your Facebook page.

Increase Facebook Likes: A Quick Summary

#1. Focus on Quality, Not Quantity: For all industries to get more Leads, Traffic or Conversions Quality is the most important factor. Create less but Quality content. Your 1 Quality post is equal to many posts. and have chances to go viral in your best infographics.

#2. Timing is Everything: For more engaging your content, you have to post on the best time. globally users on Facebook are active in the morning from 8:00 amt o 10:00 am and in the evening from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Track your audience activeness by Facebook insight

#3. Create Shareable Content: As I already said, Quality is most important but always be a shareable content that will provide your reach to more audience and your Facebook page get likes on it. you call to action terms can help you more.

#4. Encourage Facebook Comments: If you do not say your audience to comment on your pic then probably have a minimum chance to get comments on your post. Encourage people to get comments on your post to grow your Facebook likes.

#5.Create an Effective Profile Picture And Cover Photo: Your Profile Picture and Cover photo should be related to your brand or company. You don’t need to add information to your cover photo. Make is simple as much you can. it will reflect your brand image.

#6. Stay Relevant: Stay Relevant means being up to date with the trends and pop culture. your satisfied follower will convert into leads and sales. so, be prepared for this, what your audience likes more. always post related to your brand and niche.

#7. Facebook Contest: For growing FB Likes fast this is great to get more likes and engagement. one successful Facebook content can save your lots of time. go with the Facebook contest and the winner should be rewarded with the prize.

#8.Posts That Users Feel Obligated To Share: User will share your content cause of obligated to them. or they are entertaining with that. Your post sharing rates show your visibility of Quality content. It’s perfect for you.

#9. Add Social Plugins To Your Website: To get followers from the website is easy as you think. just add your all social media handle to your site and blog. and people will automatically start searching you on all social platforms.

#10. Find Out What Attracts Your Community Most: Attracting community means building trust with your audience. If they like your content faithfully then it will be shared with friends and they suggest their friends to following up.

#11. Facebook Insights: Facebook Insight is the tool from Facebook to interact with your followers and analyzing their data for more engaging. Your viral post(most engaging), best formatting, audience location, ages, and gender can be analyzed with that.

#12. Facebook Ads: Yes, it’s the paid but believe me your only one successful ad campaign can boost your FB page like a skyrocket. after running ads your post will come in suggestion to others.

Now, you know How to Increase Facebook Likes Organically and Fast. So, which methods will apply you first, are you going with profile picture and cover photo? or you will try Facebook insight first?

Comment down your first step after this article. and share with your friends.

Make Money on YouTube: Full Earning Checklist & Tips

Make Money From Youtube

Do you Want to know “How to Start a Youtube Channel?” and you also Want to know “How to Make Money on Youtube“?. You are in the right place. Know about all things of youtube earning setups and mistakes of beginners YouTuber.

YouTube is the most interesting and popular way of entertainment as it is very easy to use. The great thing about it is that 500 hours of video upload every minute and there are 1.9 billion users logging every month. It’s the largest platform where a large amount of audience is available.

People like to watch movies at the weekend on youtube, people like to watch educational videos, people like to watch dance videos, games, videos, thousands of tutorials on various topics. Youtube is becoming the necessity of everyone’s life.

When anyone wants to search about anything then they don’t open their google, they just open YouTube and like to watch the video content. Video content is more interesting than the boring writing format. So according to human psychology, YouTube is preferred more by the users, as they attracted to the video content.

There are a lot of people who search for various topics so there are a lot of YouTubers who are uploading these contents on YouTube. And these YouTubers are paid for it. It’s not a very tough thing to earn money on YouTube.

There are a lot of people who started from 0 subscribers and now they are billionaire, their videos reach 1k or 2k views in just 2 or 3 days, what unbelievable, dude it’s true and it’s believable. And yes they exist.

These are the people whose videos cross billions of views in just a few days :

As of December 2019, the fastest videos to reach the one billion view mark are “Hello” (87 days), “Despacito” (96 days), “Shape of You” (97 days), “Mi Gente” (103 days) and “Échame la Culpa” (111 days). The fastest videos to reach two billion views are “Despacito” (154 days), “Shape of You” (187 days) and “Girls Like You” (293 days), and the fastest videos to reach three billion views are “Despacito” (203 days), “Shape of You” (342 days) and “See You Again” (852 days).

It’s the best method to make money on youtube via the internet and phone. It has a global reach. In a country like India, there are a lot of illiterate people who also use youtube for entertainment.

There is not only a single way to earn money on youtube but a lot of ways for which you are paid. You can also make money on youtube without AdSense or without showing your face, There’s lots of niche or category for youtube videos.

So here I’m going to tell you some detailed information about youtube so that you should also able to earn money from it and get rich.

How to Make Money on YouTube with Simple Steps

Do you make money on youtube? Before earning money on youtube, You must know how to set up your Youtube Channel and what is the common mistake for beginner YouTubers. Here’s I’ll try to cover all the things for you.😎

Basically, this article is divided into four parts:

Importance/advantage of YouTube
How to Set Up a YouTube Account
How to Start Monetization on YouTube
Other Ways to Earning Money from YouTube
Steps that you should keep in mind while uploading your video

These points will cover all the things for a youtube channel or beginner Youtuber. Here you’ll know about youtube from zero. Let’s start the Topic.

Benefits of Youtube Channel Creation

You can work from where you want. There is no need to go to any particular place for work. You are free to do work from any place. You don’t need any expensive camera for it. You can record video from a normal android phone.

There is no need to acting or showing your face on camera. You can just edit video with your voice and it’s simple. There is no boss. You will be your boss, you should not have to follow orders from anyone. You should have to work according to your choice.

You should be responsible for your work. It’s totally your hard work, more and more hard work makes you a millionaire. You create content according to your choice. This could be on any topic and any niche.

And that’s the importance of Youtube you can show your talent here, you can teach your skills here, you can do an experiment here, you can explore the world here, on youtube you can do what you want but under the youtube guidelines.

How to Create a YouTube Channel :

Step 1: First thing you have to do is just sign in to youtube and then look at the right upper corner of the screen, there is a user icon, so just click on it.

Step 2: Click on that gear icon, then you get to enter into your YouTube account setting.

Step3: Now click on the create YouTube channel option, then the next page will be open.

Step 4: After this choose any one option from it ” use a business name or other name ” and then add your brand name according to your choice, then click on create.

Step 5: After this, you have to fill your profile with your right and true information, you should have to fill the description option with the appropriate description of your channel.

Step 6: Now you should have to put a profile picture and cover pic which makes your channel more attractive, but remember that your profile picture represents your channel so it must be your brand logo or something which is related to your channel.

YouTube provides you 2500×1440 pixels size of 4 MB so you should have to keep it in mind when uploading your profile and cover pic.

Step 7: You can also make the first video about the channel trailer, it’s a good idea to give some information about your channel to your new viewers, so this video should be small in size but describe your purpose behind this channel and also your expectations.

Step 8: You should have to give a right title to your video, your video must be according to your title and satisfy your viewers because they open that video by seeing your title so this title must satisfy your viewer.

Make your youtube video with clear audio and clear video, you should describe your video, purpose behind that video and what type of audience you want to target.
After that YouTube also provides you with a section of hashtags where you can add appropriate hashtags related to your video and title.

Step 9: Now you can see the upload option at the top right corner of the screen.

Note: You can make a YouTube channel both into your phone or into your computer.

How to Monetize YouTube Channel

There are differs ways to monetize the Youtube channel. Monetizing the Youtube channel that’s not mean the only AdSense. Nowadays, Youtube has own potential to provide different ways to earn money on youtube. know about all the methods of youtube earning.

Google AdSense

You can make money with Google AdSense. In this feature, Google will pay you for every view of ads on your video. For this, you have to be a YouTube partner and for this Adsense, you have to enable your channel monetization.

Steps for Monetization the Youtube Channel :

  1. Sign-in into YouTube Account.
  2. Click the Top Right Corner on Your Account Icon.
  3. Go on Creator Studio.
  4. In the Left Menu, select Channel Option and then select Status & Feature.
  5. Click Enable Monetization section.
  6. Follow on the screen options to Accept YouTube’s Terms.

You should have to create a Google Adsense account. All youtube can apply for Adsense only when you hit 1000 subscribers & 4000 watch hours in the past years.
After this youtube runs ad videos on your video and google will pay you when every time viewers watch that video.

Instagram is also the best platform to become an influencer or brand. Know about How to make money from Instagram. Many YouTubers also make money from Instagram by a sponsored post and networking.

According to YouTube guidelines, your content could get excluded from ad revenue if it includes:

  • Sexually related content, including partial nudity and sexual humor videos
  • Violence, Serious Injury, and Events Related to Violent Extremism
  • Disappointing Words, Harassment, Profanity, and Vulgar Language
  • Drugs Promotions and Regulated Substances, Selling, Uses, and Abuse of Such Items
  • Controversial or Sensitive Subjects Related to War, Political Conflicts, Natural Disasters, and Tragedies, Even if Infographic Imagery isn’t Shown

But the reality is that YouTube has been demonetizing content that it doesn’t deem advertiser-friendly since 2012 via an automated process, without warning, and without the content creator’s knowledge.

Sell Merchandise Products

You can also make money by selling products on YouTube. But for this, you must have huge subscribers and viewers. You can make a video on the branded products and tell about your experience of use of that product after this if that product is liked by your viewers then they will contact you for buying it.

For this, you have to observe the demand and supply in the market and then provide the most demanded product in the market through your videos or channel.

Create Sponsored Content

You can also create sponsored content or video like on any product or any app or any other thing which is requested by their owner, then you are also paid by the company for that sponsored video.

If you have high subscribers then brands ultimately approach you but if brands don’t approach then you should have to approach them and show your work to them so that there is a deal take place.

You can go through some companies websites and then write an email for your proposal. This email should contain the details about your progress rate and also about your channel.

There are several sponsorship platforms online that can help you connect with brands. Famebit and Grapevinelogic are a couple of famous names that have been helping creators get brand deals.

Another interesting platform that you can try out is Grin. It can help creators grow their online influence through cross-promotion with other influencers through Shoutouts, giveaways or mentions.

Affiliate Marketing:

Amazon, wall art, eBay, Shopify, etc are those websites that provide you a link and then every time when any person clicks on it and buys the product from your link, you are paid for it.

For this, you just have to set up an affiliate account and then only that website provides you the link of any product. There are various commission criteria for every product.

So you should have to check about what percentage the should company provide you, then choose your product wisely.

You may also give an affiliate link in the description of many products where your viewers can buy it. And you may get money through this affiliation process.

You may also provide information about the product in the video so that the viewers get to know about that product and interested in that product.

The most important thing you should have to keep in mind that youtube is not a quick earning formula for becoming a multi-millionaire. But your hard work consistency, quality of work, may bring you that place.

So believe in you and just working, after that criteria, you will start earning some penny from it. But slowly the income will increase with respect to your viewers and subscribers.

But in stating you should have to focus on providing good quality content only. That’s the only way to reach that top place easily and quickly.

Common Mistakes New YouTubers Make

You are here it means you are a new YouTuber. So there are some common mistakes that every new YouTuber makes. I’m here to aware you not to make these kinds of silly mistakes.

There is a list of common mistakes that you should not do:

Irrelevant Titles: some you tubers put attracting titles which are not even related to their video. The title should be related to your video and must satisfy your viewer when they start your videos by seeing your title.

Inappropriate Channel Name: Some YouTubers use inappropriate names for theirs. Your channel name should be easy and match with the content you provide to your viewer. Your channel name should represent your purpose and niche of your channel. Your channel names us the first thing which any viewer can watch.

Clumsy Thumbnail: Your thumbnail should be clear and represent the topic or niche of your video. Thumbnail gives the impression of your video. So it must be attractive and neat and clean.

Not Rehearsing: Some YouTubers not rehearsing properly before making their video. They are just in a hurry and shoot their video without rehearsing it. That kind of video is full of errors and repetition which is not liked by the viewers.

Empty Description: There are a lot of YouTubers who thought that there is no need to add a description or no one would focus on it. They are wrong, description plays a vital role in your video and also shows the purpose of your video.

Not Linking to Social Media Platform: There are a lot of people who do not connect their YouTube channel to their social media website so that their audience would not contact them. So they should connect it with their social media sites that it’s easy for their viewers to contact them easily.

Not Creating a Playlist: Many YouTubers thought that creating a playlist for their audience or viewers is just a waste of time so they are totally wrong. They should have to create a playlist of their best video so that any new visitor will watch those videos and judge your channel through it.

Not Commenting Back: some YouTubers don’t give replies to the comments on their videos. They thought that it’s just a waste of time. And this will give them a bad effect. So every YouTuber should respond to the comments on their videos. This will attract more and more viewers and they also like to respond t videos, which is a good sign.

Not Using Hashtags: Many YouTubers don’t put hashtags on their videos. They thought that it’s just a waste of time or there is no use of it. But there is a lot of effect of these hashtags on your channel.
These hashtags help youtube to find your video related to that keyword. So use relevant hashtags in your videos so that it will be shown in the searched results.

Long Video: You should keep in mind that your video would not be too long. Your video should not bee too long or too short. It must be appropriate to your topic and satisfy your viewer.

Time Gap Between Videos: You should have to maintain the time gap between the videos uploaded. You should not upload videos frequently or not after a long period of time. You should decide a perfect time gap and after that period of time upload your video. Like every third day a video or every week one video, etc.

Not Asking to Subscribe and Comment: This is the general thing that many YouTubers forget in their videos. You should ask them to respond to your video through subscription or through commenting. By this, you will get to know the mindset of your audience related to your video.

Learn How to Grow Instagram Followers and earn passive income by Instagram with some easy steps.

So, Here’s all the information about make money on youtube Earning and Youtube Setup with Common mistakes of beginners YouTubers. Now, you can start a fantastic youtube channel and start growing up. I hope you like this valuable information 🙂

Thanks for reading this article and share it with your needy friend. I hope this will help you.

How to Grow Instagram Followers [ 9 Proven Tactics ]

Grow Instagram Followers

Do you want to know “How to Grow Instagram Followers?” from 0 to 10k and more. Yupp you can get lots of followers on your Instagram account by these methods. I’m not saying, you will get instant Instagram followers but after applying these methods you’ll get definitely.

Instagram is an incredibly fast-growing social media platform in the world. There are 200 million active monthly users who are more than the population of some countries in the world. Instagram has 58 times more engagement than Facebook. 

Just think about it, if you do business through Instagram then your business will reach to that many people, as more than a country population. It’s an amazing and great idea to drop your business to Instagram.

So what are you waiting for, if you are an entrepreneur then stop thinking and just start taking actions? You will earn a lot through this platform. Believe me, this reach on Instagram is growing with time. 

You have an opportunity for becoming a billionaire. It’s all needs just some focus, determination, consistency and a little bit of hard work and passion for your work, and you will easily become a millionaire.

As I told you there is more reach on Instagram than Facebook so you have to start a business on Instagram.

For this, you may also read our previous blogs so that you can get some ideas for your business. And if you already have a business account or any kind of business on Instagram then it’s and keep it up.

Hey you know there are 95 million photos and videos shared every single day on Instagram. It’s such a huge number. And I tell you there is nothing on Instagram without followers.

Look if you don’t have followers then your business will not grow and it’s just a waste of time. So all you have to do just growing your followers and start making money.

Listen there are many fake techniques that you were found of Instagram but there isn’t anything happening through these techniques. There are some blogs and youtube videos like ” Grow Instagram Followers Fast ” or like ” Get 10k Instagram followers instantly.

No need to trust those videos because these are just for grabbing your attention and increase traffic on their blog or video. There are some fake apps like “Instagram followers increase” or “Instagram liker“. 

These are just to make your center of interest, nothing more than that. So be realistic and use your mind what is good and real or what is bad and fake.

Here I am going to suggest some practical and realistic methods or you can say some tips or tricks which help you to grow your Instagram following and also increase your reach on Instagram. All you have to do is just read it and follow these points. 

These are real and time-consuming methods but I am assuring you this is permanent work not for some time or fake. These things take time so you have to be very patient. And keep in mind one thing permanent things take time. 

Those things which don’t take time are fake or for a short period of time. If you want success or fame then you have to do things which are permanent, don’t follow the path of the short cut because these are for a very short period.

So here I’m starting some tips and tricks which I have observed from my own personal experience. And I’m definitely sure that these ideas also help all of you.

Let’s check out these methods for growing Instagram account:

1. Name and Username

Instagram Growth Hacks

Your name and username should be easy. Your name may be common but your username should be unique and easily searchable by others. Because your name shows your attitude and personality.

So, it’s most important that your username should suit you or may represent you through anyway. And one thing keeps in mind you don’t have to change your username frequently used because it affects your followers a lot. And use a trendy name as a username.

2. Like Photos in Your Niche

Tips to Grow Instagram

Firstly, you have to find out some pages or Instagram accounts that are related to your niche.
For example, I have a motivational page then I have to find out some more motivational accounts like me and then like their photos and video, drop genuine comments on their posts. 

And start increasing building your connections with them. These connections make you more knowledgeable and help you to grow your account. This activity expresses you in front of more and more people. You will get their followers to take action as well as attention through your comment. 

This activity helps you a lot as your friend circle is growing and also with the same mindset people. So this helps you psychologically and also building your followers. So be smart and play well, all that is just a mind game dude.

Pro Tip #1: Don’t Like Fast and Contineusly, give some time between Liking and Commenting. and, Don’t Comment the same things in all.

3. Socialize with Followers

Ways to earn form Intagram

For growing Instagram followers you have to socialize and express yourself in front of people. When you came in front of them then they will know you.
So you have to be expressed yourself in front of your audience, attract them, become their favorite by liking their photos and videos on Instagram. 

Just grab their attention through your posts and videos. Put photos and videos daily on Instagram. Show yourself active or online daily. Give a method of contacting you in the bio like number or email or any website. Respond to the comments on your photos and videos. 

You should also try to make a live video on Instagram, you may give this the name of the live question of answer series. You should make all of your followers know about you and your day so you may put stories related to your meetups or weekend etc. they’ll help you a lot. ( Don’t be shy you have to do this for followers.

4. Create hashtags & Encourage Others to Use it

How to Get Instagram Followers

Hashtags are used by so many people on Instagram. Like if anyone posts their party pictures or videos then they will use #enjoylife #partytime #enjoyment #drink etc, and if anyone posts a motivational picture or video then they will use #motivation #hustler #grind #sucess, etc.

There are a lot of hashtags available on Instagram. You should also make your own hashtags and recommend it to others to use it too, and you also have to use it in your all pictures and videos. It’s just like if anyone any picture in which this hashtag was used then Instagram recommends other pictures that used it too. 

So you can make your own hashtag. You will also make a list of the most used hashtags in your niche and used it in your photos so that your post will also recommend by Instagram to others. It will also create traffic or we can say the audience on your posts. This also helps you to increase followers on your account.

Here is an example of Some popular hashtags for motivational pages:

#motivationalquotes #quotes #inspirational #inspiration #success #inspirationalquotes #love #quoteoftheday #entrepreneur #life #motivationmonday #inspire #positivevibes #quote #successful #successquotes #hustle #entrepreneurlife #instagram #motivationalspeaker #motivationquotes #motivationalquote #business #positivity #lifequotes #fitness #goals #bhfyp

Pro Tip #2. Use low Audience followed Hashtags, like if you have 0 to 10k followers then you must use 100k to 1 Million Audience followed hashtags. Using poplar Hashtags not worthy✌️.

Pro Tip #3. Don’t make and use Hashtag like this: #I_am_Great, #Be_a_game_changer it’s not working. use shorted and related your post.

5. Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Account Followers Growth Tips

Instagram stories are the most interesting factor of Instagram as it provides a lot of filters, camera, and other sticker, polling features which make Instagram more interesting and unique from other social media platform.

You can also increase your followers if you constantly post stories because it entertains your audience or followers and attracts more followers towards them. You can make a boomerang video of yourself or any place, you can put any photo or video as a story.

There is also a new feature introduced by Instagram that is music feature, by this you can add music with your photos with lyrics. You can also use filters on your pics which makes them more attractive than before.

There you can also start polling related to any topic. There is also a countdown which is used by many people. It’s totally fun you enjoyed it a lot.

Pro Tip #3. Use more than 12 stories or more if you can for seeing at the top in Story and for more engaging.

6. Figure Out What Your Audience Likes

Instagram Growing Methods

If you make more followers then you should have to provide that type of content that they like.
For example, you should have to figure out which type of your photos, videos, stories are mostly liked by your followers then you should have to give them that kind of content. 

This helps you to make them happier and attract you. Let us assume that you have a cook food page and your followers response more on a potato recipe then you should provide them more potato recipe and as well as other demanded recipe which is liked by them.

If you provide content which they like then you are definitely liked by them and that thing increases your followers.

Pro Tip #4. Make more than 4 posts in a day to get more followers and have chances to go your post viral.

Pro Tip #5. Find out your best time for engaging in your account and post at the same time. try to use the best style and formatting for your post.

7. Link Your Instagram Account to Other Networks

Tips and Tricks to Grow Instagram

This means that if you have any other social site like Facebook, website, LinkedIn, youtube, twitter. Then you should have to link them with Instagram. This brings more traffic or followers from these sites towards your Instagram account and this increases your followers.

Because it’s not important that every person follows you everywhere, there were different people following you on different social media but when you provide the link of your Instagram then they will all collect on your Instagram and this increases your following.

8. Encourage Followers to Take Actions

Instant Instagram Followers Tips

On Instagram, if you want to increase your followers then you have to socialize and also make your followers respond to your actions.
Like you add questions in the caption of your picture or video then also mentioned there to respond to those questions or just simply say comment or like. 

You should put polling stories or question-answer count down which makes your story more interesting and fascinate your followers towards you and they also respond to your activity on Instagram. This helps you a lot to make new followers. 

You make an impactful engagement for your audience which is liked by them or make a positive impact. Because a negative or irritating story may cause an adverse effect.

9. Run a Contest

Grow Instagram Followers in 2020

You should have to create activity on your account. Because this attracts more and more people towards your account, these people found you more interesting. You should have to run a contest on your account through your posts or stories also.

Like if you own a food blog then you ask some questions related to correct food recipes. And the winner of the contest will be awarded. These contest helps you to create more interest in the audience in you.

The more you engage and entertain the audience the more you get popularity on Instagram as well as followers.

You can also ask questions in the captions of the post and asked your audience to respond to you in the comments section. All you have to do is just make engagement on your Instagram account. and here are various ways to make money from Instagram.

I have tried my best to share my all knowledge and experience with you. Here I’m going to give you a summary of this article and its key points:

#1. Name and Username
#2. Like Photos in Your Niche
#3. Socialize with Followers
#4. Create Hashtags & Encourage Others to Use it
#5. Use Instagram Stories
#6. Figure Out What Your Audience Likes
#7. Link Your Instagram Account to Other Networks
#8. Encourage Followers to Take Actions
#9. Run a Contest

I hope this article will help all of you and also share it with a needy person. We are glad to receive your response through comments

How to Make Money from Instagram

Make Money From Instagram

People used Instagram for posting videos and pictures as it’s obviously the best platform to share memories or experiences opinions. And most of all the people also used it for earning money and I know very well you are one of them that’s why you have searched for that kind of topic. We are here to solve your “How to make money from Instagram?” with easy & simple ways.

Now I know you want to earn money from Instagram and you also interested in it, and the main thing is that you want to use Instagram for the earning purpose, it’s the best decision you can make for your business because Instagram is one of the most demanding or we can say crowded social media platform.

So it’s easy for you to attract more and more audience towards your product or service.

I’m going to tell you some ways to make money from Instagram or you can say techniques to use Instagram for your earning process. Before starting these methods I want to tell you that it takes time.

If you think that it’s quick and easy to earn money from Instagram in just two or three days then you may leave this content. Because the greatest things take time to happen.

So if you need a permanent or long-time method/ platform to generate income then you have to be patient and give your best to reach at that level wherever you want to go.

Things that take time to happen are stays for a long time as compared to those things who are finished in just a few hours.

Sponsored Post or Influencer:-

In this method, you need a reputation on Instagram as well as a good amount of followers.

You need a loyal audience who believes in you and your advice. If you have a great Audience then you can promote any product or service from your Instagram account or page and charge money from that brand.

You can do this service for big brands and charge them according to your earning strategy.

You can do this kind of work with as many brands as you want. And this strategy will help you to grow and make money easily on Instagram.

This is also called sponsorship as you can sponsor any kind of product and later take your commission from the revenue generated from that product.

You can contact with brands through various sites available on the Internet. Just go and collect a list of brands and started to contact them for work. Or they will also contact you if they need.

This is also known as a kind of passive income as you don’t have to work all day long. It takes some little time and here you can earn as you want.

There aren’t any restrictions on Instagram for your business. Just a few hours a day makes you a millionaire.

Affiliate Marketing:-

you can use Instagram as an affiliate marketer. All you need to do is just an affiliate account on any online Web store like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Banggood, etc. There are various online Web stores available in just one click.

You don’t have to bother about how many sites in which you have assigned yourself. Your purpose is just to provide a useful product or service to your audience so assign yourself in some good Web store where you can find great and helpful products for your audience. 

And you don’t have to pay even a single penny to start affiliate marketing. One thing you have to do is just fill all the payment details that required so that you can get money when any product is sold through you.

Keep in mind that you have a particular type of niche in which you are interested. Suggest those things which are important and useful for your audience.

You can also make your link small by editing it, then it will be easy for you to post.
You have to post clear pictures of your product or service with the link in the Bio. You can also explain the qualities of your product in the post caption.

There are various types of Web stores available on the Internet. You just have to go and register yourself. And if you find any problem with assigning then take the help of the Internet.

Sell Photos and Videos:-

if you are a good photographer then you can click pictures and sell them to those people who need it. Like there are various companies that need new fresh click photos for their website or documents or any other purposes.

The thing you have to keep in mind is that you are passionate about photography and the quality of photos are great so that it attracts more and more audience or buyers towards you.

You can also sell videos or edit a new one for them. I mean you can post some short videos that are edited by you and then the buyer can view those videos and contact you. They give you video editing freelance projects to work on.

You can set criteria of amount charge according to you. And people are ready to pay you if your content fulfills their needs.

There are various sites where you can sell pictures and videos. Just go and search on the Internet and set a list of these sites and start contacting them for selling your pictures or videos.

Sell Your Own Products or Services:-

you can also use Instagram to sell your own products and services.

Post clear pictures or videos on the Instagram account or page and give some details about it. You also have to give some advantages of your product.

Explain why a buyer buys them and how it makes their life easy.
If you are providing any kind of service then you have to give reasons why they use your service.

You may also use any kind of website for selling your products or services, but give the link of your site in the Bio of your page so that people can go to your site and buy from there.

Make sure that you have a great product that is unique and helpful for others. Because uniqueness attracts more and more people. So don’t copy others.

Sell Followers:-

you can also sell followers on Instagram and charge per followers from them. For this, you have a special kind of team which helps you to increase the followers of that particular person.

You need to distribute the money among your teammates. It’s a good kind of business right now these days because people need more and more followers for their account or page so they by followers through money.

There are various sites where you can buy or sell followers so just make list and use those sites to sell followers.

Sell Your Instagram Account or Page:-

you can also sell your account or page at a high rate if you have a good amount of followers. You can ask money according to you because a needy buyer is ready to pay you as much as the amount as you want. All you have to do is the criteria of followers and audience.

your page or account is must be running account. Which gives profit to the buyer. There are various sites available on the Internet where people are searching for buying running account. Just go and search these websites and sell your account.

I hope you will find that article useful 😉 and please share this article with your friends also. Maybe it helps them a lot. It’s the best time to start earning. Use that Internet era and earn much as you can.

These are the methods that you have used along with your study or business or job. Mention down your favorite way to make money online.  

These are just a kind of side Hustle. So use them and make your life easy.
Thanks for reading…