Top 5 WordPress Caching Plugins To Boost Your Site Fast

Top 5 WordPress Caching Plugins To Boost Your Site Fast

There are a lot of people who are unhappy with the loading speed of the website.

If you’re one of them then you’re at the right place because I’m going to provide you WordPress caching plugins which improves your website speed.

And the main thing is that I will also tell you how to choose the best one for you. All you have to do is just keep reading this article till the end.

Before knowing about WordPress Caching Plugins it’s very important to tell you some additional information.

You must have to know about what WordPress plugins are, why they used, and how they used, how to pick the best one for you, etc.

So let’s start:

What is the need for WordPress caching plugins? 

Do you know what is the reason behind the slow loading speed of your website? It’s very difficult to find our the main reason but these are the major and common reasons behind it:

  • Regular publication of content 
  • Use plugins day by day 
  • Low quality of web hosting 
  • Regular traffic and a lot many more.

These are the things that affect your website loading speed and also valuable for you. So it’s very important for you to fix all these problems with ease. 

How loading time impacts your website? 

Let me tell you one thing, one-second improvement in your site speed will go to give you more and more profit.

But the one-second delay will be very costly for you as you can lose your huge customer database.

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling any kind of product or service, it will be affected by the low loading speed. Because the customer or visitor is important for both kinds of business.

So you just have to put your focus on this topic. 

These are the negative impacts of slow site speed:

Reduced Conversion Rates 

Do you know that your visitor will lose his patience if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load? Your slow site can make you lose 7% of your visitors.

Slow site speed will affect your goal whether it’s of more product selling, more services selling, more emails, more traffic, etc.

Slow site speed will defeat conversion rates so you must have to fix it as soon as possible. 

Poor Search Engine Rankings 

Let me tell you one most important thing, Google considers your site speed too to place the website orderly in the search result page.

So if you want more and more traffic then you must have to work on your site speed. 

How to improve the speed of WordPress 

There are numerous ways to improve the site speed but the easiest method is to use the plugin. And this article is totally based on this topic.

As we will provide you detailed information regarding them below. 

But first, We should have to know how these plugins work? Because without knowing their way of work it’s not good to use them. 

What does a caching plugin do?

Caching plugins helps WordPress to work more efficiently. Each time when any visitor visits your website it creates content and a lot of lots are going in the background, including database queries and a lot many more. 

A caching plugin arranges all this work in a static version. It eliminates some steps which help in decreasing the loading time by the site.

Which is the best WordPress caching plugin?

For getting the answer to this question I’m here going to provide you some plugins with their detailed information. So that you can easily identify your best match and useful plugin. 

W3 Total Cache

There is a short form of W3 Total Cache which is known as W3TC. So W3TC helps your WordPress website to provide the best user experience and reduces the loading time of your website. 

W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin

The main thing is that it is the total performance optimization solution for your website. It is trusted by millions of web developers, publishers, and web hosts, etc. 


  • It is compatible with shared hosting and with all kinds of servers like virtual, private, dedicated servers, etc. 
  • It provides you transparent content delivery network management with media library, theme files, and WordPress as well. 
  • It also provides you secure socket layer support. 
  • It will provide you the feature of reverse proxy integration via Nginx or Varnish. 
  • You can easily do an extension framework for customization or extensibility for Cloudflare, WPML, and much more. 
  • You can also leverage our multiple CDN integrations to optimize images. 
  • You can browse caching using cache-control, future expires headers and entity tags. 
  • You will also get minification of inline, embedded, or 3rd party CSS and Javascript for rendering pages faster than ever before. 
  • In this, the caching methods include local Disk, Redis, Memcached, APC, Xcache, and a lot more. 

And you will get a benefit from it which is up to 80% bandwidth savings when you minify CSS and minify JS files.

It will definitely reduce the load time, increase visitor time on site, visitors view more pages. 

WP Super Cache 

Its main work is to generate static HTML files from your WordPress blog. After generating an HTML file your server will serve this file instead of a heavy and more expensive WordPress PHP script.WP Super Cache WordPress Plugin

This static HTML file will be served in the vast majority of visitors who are not logged in, who have not left a comment on your boog, who has not viewed a password protection post, etc. 

Let me tell you that 99% of your visitors will get a static HTML file. There are very rare chances of cached HTML files. If your visitors are logged in, comment below the post will get cached information. 

There are 3 files which are served by the cached plugin:

  1. Expert
    The fastest method is the apache mod rewrite or the similar module that your server supports. It will provide you super cached static HTML files.
  2. Simple
    It is as fast as the above but it is easier to use than that. It will provide you super cached filled and also recommended if you’re using HTML plug-ins.
  3. WP cache caching
    It is slightly slower in speed. It is mainly used to save the web page used by the known users who often log in, who leaves comments, etc. It is the most flexible method.

WP Rocket

When you activate your WP Rocket then it automatically starts working. It starts making ultra-fast loading time and also speeds up your conversions.

WP Rocket WordPress pluginIt improves the indexing of websites by search engines. WP Rocket also reduces the weight of your Javascript, CSS through minification which means faster load time. 

Images are loaded by the website when the visitor scrolls down the page. It means that when visitors open up your web page it gets fully loaded but except the image.

And when your visitor will scroll down the page the images start to get appearing and loading. This technique is used by big and successful websites so you can also.

WP Rocket is made according to WordPress so that WordPress users can easily understand them and make customization. 


  • It is available for both desktop and mobile as well for converting the static HTML version of your web content.
  • You will get cross-origin support for web fonts.
  • You will provide detection and security from the third-party plugins, themes, and hosting environment. 
  • Actually, it is a combination of inline and 3rd party scripts. 

WP Faster Cache

A web page demands CPU and RAM if PHP and MySQL are used. And if many visitors come to your site then you need more and more CPU and RAM, your page also renders slowly.

WP Faster Cache WordPress plugin

So to correct this you need a system for cache so that it doesn’t render again and again. As we already know the cache system generates static HTML files and saves. 

The main thing is that its setup is very easy you don’t have to hustle with it. 


  • All cache files will be deleted when a post or page is published. 
  • Admin can easily delete the cached files from the options page. 
  • Admin can also delete the modified CSS and Javascript files from the web page. 
  • You can easily block cache for specific posts or pages. 
  • All the cached files will be deleted after a specific time. 
  • Cache timeout is not for all web pages. It is just for some specific pages. 
  • You can able or disable the cache option for mobile or desktop. 
  • You can also enable or disable the cache option for logged in users. 
  • You will get SSL, CDN, and Cloudflare support.


Cachify optimizes your page loads by caching posts, pages, and custom posts. Whenever any posts are loaded it directly pulled out from the cache.

Cachify WordPress plugin

The number of database queries and PHP requests automatically decreased to zero, and also depending upon the caching method you use. 


  • You can work with custom post types. 
  • These are the caching methods used by it: DB, HDD, APC, and Memcached. 
  • You will get the Flush cache button in the word press toolbar. 
  • You can also perform a WordPress multisite. 
  • You will do optional compression of HTML markup. 
  • You will get white lists for posts and user agents. 
  • It’s simple to use as it is a manual and automatic cache reset. 
  • It will provide you automatic cache reset. 

Hyper Cache 

The hyper cache is especially for providing the high speed to your WordPress blog. Mostly it is used by low resources of hosting and high-end servers.

Hyper Cache WordPress plugin

The hyper cache is pure PHP and suitable to work on every blog. No complex configuration is needed in it. 


  • It provides you double cache for desktop and mobile site versions as well. 
  • You will get HTTPS ready. 
  • You will get a mobile theme switch option, it means you will easily change the theme on mobile detection. 
  • It is able to serve expired pages to bots to increase the perceived blog speed by bots. 
  • It manages compression on the fly for not cached pages. 
  • It will provide you a lot of configurable bypasses, matching cookies, matching URLs, user agents. 
  • It is able to serve cached blogs whoever commented on the blog. 
  • You can remove out the cached folder outside to exclude it from the backups. 
  • You can get control over the cleaning of blog events. 
  • You will get CDN support. 
  • You will get a response header signature to check the working status. 

How to Choose the Best WordPress Caching Plugin?

This is the main problem faced by a lot of people. They have numerous options but which one is good for selection. So don’t worry now we discuss briefly upon this:

There are some tools which we used to test the best WordPress cache plugin tool:

GTmetrix, Pingdom, and Google Pagespeed insights. 

These WordPress testing tools are made by using a popular multi-purpose Divi theme. They simply test the speed of WordPress blogs. 

  • GTmetrix:
    Its speed score is 64.5% and YSlow scores 80% with 2.72 seconds average loading time.
  • Pingdom:
    Its performance grade is 80 with 3.9 seconds average loading time.
  • Google Speed Insights:
    It is about 44/100 in the desktop test and 47/100 in the mobile test.

Let me tell you one thing, the loading speed of every site is different from hour to hour, day to day. So we just calculated the average speed according to ourselves.

These may show different results at different times. 

So this is a brief description of the WordPress plugins. I’m damn sure you will be able to choose your favorable plugin. But if you face any kind of problem regarding this then feel free to leave a comment below.