How to Grow Instagram Followers [ 9 Proven Tactics ]

Do you want to know “How to Grow Instagram Followers?” from 0 to 10k and more. Yupp you can get lots of followers on your Instagram account by these methods. I’m not saying, you will get instant Instagram followers but after applying these methods you’ll get definitely.

Instagram is an incredibly fast-growing social media platform in the world. There are 200 million active monthly users who are more than the population of some countries in the world. Instagram has 58 times more engagement than Facebook. 

Just think about it, if you do business through Instagram then your business will reach to that many people, as more than a country population. It’s an amazing and great idea to drop your business to Instagram.

So what are you waiting for, if you are an entrepreneur then stop thinking and just start taking actions? You will earn a lot through this platform. Believe me, this reach on Instagram is growing with time. 

You have an opportunity for becoming a billionaire. It’s all needs just some focus, determination, consistency and a little bit of hard work and passion for your work, and you will easily become a millionaire.

As I told you there is more reach on Instagram than Facebook so you have to start a business on Instagram.

For this, you may also read our previous blogs so that you can get some ideas for your business. And if you already have a business account or any kind of business on Instagram then it’s and keep it up.

Hey you know there are 95 million photos and videos shared every single day on Instagram. It’s such a huge number. And I tell you there is nothing on Instagram without followers.

Look if you don’t have followers then your business will not grow and it’s just a waste of time. So all you have to do just growing your followers and start making money.

Listen there are many fake techniques that you were found of Instagram but there isn’t anything happening through these techniques. There are some blogs and youtube videos like ” Grow Instagram Followers Fast ” or like ” Get 10k Instagram followers instantly.

No need to trust those videos because these are just for grabbing your attention and increase traffic on their blog or video. There are some fake apps like “Instagram followers increase” or “Instagram liker“. 

These are just to make your center of interest, nothing more than that. So be realistic and use your mind what is good and real or what is bad and fake.

Here I am going to suggest some practical and realistic methods or you can say some tips or tricks which help you to grow your Instagram following and also increase your reach on Instagram. All you have to do is just read it and follow these points. 

These are real and time-consuming methods but I am assuring you this is permanent work not for some time or fake. These things take time so you have to be very patient. And keep in mind one thing permanent things take time. 

Those things which don’t take time are fake or for a short period of time. If you want success or fame then you have to do things which are permanent, don’t follow the path of the short cut because these are for a very short period.

So here I’m starting some tips and tricks which I have observed from my own personal experience. And I’m definitely sure that these ideas also help all of you.

Let’s check out these methods for growing Instagram account:

1. Name and Username

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Your name and username should be easy. Your name may be common but your username should be unique and easily searchable by others. Because your name shows your attitude and personality.

So, it’s most important that your username should suit you or may represent you through anyway. And one thing keeps in mind you don’t have to change your username frequently used because it affects your followers a lot. And use a trendy name as a username.

2. Like Photos in Your Niche

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Firstly, you have to find out some pages or Instagram accounts that are related to your niche.
For example, I have a motivational page then I have to find out some more motivational accounts like me and then like their photos and video, drop genuine comments on their posts. 

And start increasing building your connections with them. These connections make you more knowledgeable and help you to grow your account. This activity expresses you in front of more and more people. You will get their followers to take action as well as attention through your comment. 

This activity helps you a lot as your friend circle is growing and also with the same mindset people. So this helps you psychologically and also building your followers. So be smart and play well, all that is just a mind game dude.

Pro Tip #1: Don’t Like Fast and Contineusly, give some time between Liking and Commenting. and, Don’t Comment the same things in all.

3. Socialize with Followers

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For growing Instagram followers you have to socialize and express yourself in front of people. When you came in front of them then they will know you.
So you have to be expressed yourself in front of your audience, attract them, become their favorite by liking their photos and videos on Instagram. 

Just grab their attention through your posts and videos. Put photos and videos daily on Instagram. Show yourself active or online daily. Give a method of contacting you in the bio like number or email or any website. Respond to the comments on your photos and videos. 

You should also try to make a live video on Instagram, you may give this the name of the live question of answer series. You should make all of your followers know about you and your day so you may put stories related to your meetups or weekend etc. they’ll help you a lot. ( Don’t be shy you have to do this for followers.

4. Create hashtags & Encourage Others to Use it

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Hashtags are used by so many people on Instagram. Like if anyone posts their party pictures or videos then they will use #enjoylife #partytime #enjoyment #drink etc, and if anyone posts a motivational picture or video then they will use #motivation #hustler #grind #sucess, etc.

There are a lot of hashtags available on Instagram. You should also make your own hashtags and recommend it to others to use it too, and you also have to use it in your all pictures and videos. It’s just like if anyone any picture in which this hashtag was used then Instagram recommends other pictures that used it too. 

So you can make your own hashtag. You will also make a list of the most used hashtags in your niche and used it in your photos so that your post will also recommend by Instagram to others. It will also create traffic or we can say the audience on your posts. This also helps you to increase followers on your account.

Here is an example of Some popular hashtags for motivational pages:

#motivationalquotes #quotes #inspirational #inspiration #success #inspirationalquotes #love #quoteoftheday #entrepreneur #life #motivationmonday #inspire #positivevibes #quote #successful #successquotes #hustle #entrepreneurlife #instagram #motivationalspeaker #motivationquotes #motivationalquote #business #positivity #lifequotes #fitness #goals #bhfyp

Pro Tip #2. Use low Audience followed Hashtags, like if you have 0 to 10k followers then you must use 100k to 1 Million Audience followed hashtags. Using poplar Hashtags not worthy✌️.

Pro Tip #3. Don’t make and use Hashtag like this: #I_am_Great, #Be_a_game_changer it’s not working. use shorted and related your post.

5. Use Instagram Stories

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Instagram stories are the most interesting factor of Instagram as it provides a lot of filters, camera, and other sticker, polling features which make Instagram more interesting and unique from other social media platform.

You can also increase your followers if you constantly post stories because it entertains your audience or followers and attracts more followers towards them. You can make a boomerang video of yourself or any place, you can put any photo or video as a story.

There is also a new feature introduced by Instagram that is music feature, by this you can add music with your photos with lyrics. You can also use filters on your pics which makes them more attractive than before.

There you can also start polling related to any topic. There is also a countdown which is used by many people. It’s totally fun you enjoyed it a lot.

Pro Tip #3. Use more than 12 stories or more if you can for seeing at the top in Story and for more engaging.

6. Figure Out What Your Audience Likes

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If you make more followers then you should have to provide that type of content that they like.
For example, you should have to figure out which type of your photos, videos, stories are mostly liked by your followers then you should have to give them that kind of content. 

This helps you to make them happier and attract you. Let us assume that you have a cook food page and your followers response more on a potato recipe then you should provide them more potato recipe and as well as other demanded recipe which is liked by them.

If you provide content which they like then you are definitely liked by them and that thing increases your followers.

Pro Tip #4. Make more than 4 posts in a day to get more followers and have chances to go your post viral.

Pro Tip #5. Find out your best time for engaging in your account and post at the same time. try to use the best style and formatting for your post.

7. Link Your Instagram Account to Other Networks

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This means that if you have any other social site like Facebook, website, LinkedIn, youtube, twitter. Then you should have to link them with Instagram. This brings more traffic or followers from these sites towards your Instagram account and this increases your followers.

Because it’s not important that every person follows you everywhere, there were different people following you on different social media but when you provide the link of your Instagram then they will all collect on your Instagram and this increases your following.

8. Encourage Followers to Take Actions

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On Instagram, if you want to increase your followers then you have to socialize and also make your followers respond to your actions.
Like you add questions in the caption of your picture or video then also mentioned there to respond to those questions or just simply say comment or like. 

You should put polling stories or question-answer count down which makes your story more interesting and fascinate your followers towards you and they also respond to your activity on Instagram. This helps you a lot to make new followers. 

You make an impactful engagement for your audience which is liked by them or make a positive impact. Because a negative or irritating story may cause an adverse effect.

9. Run a Contest

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You should have to create activity on your account. Because this attracts more and more people towards your account, these people found you more interesting. You should have to run a contest on your account through your posts or stories also.

Like if you own a food blog then you ask some questions related to correct food recipes. And the winner of the contest will be awarded. These contest helps you to create more interest in the audience in you.

The more you engage and entertain the audience the more you get popularity on Instagram as well as followers.

You can also ask questions in the captions of the post and asked your audience to respond to you in the comments section. All you have to do is just make engagement on your Instagram account. and here are various ways to make money from Instagram.

I have tried my best to share my all knowledge and experience with you. Here I’m going to give you a summary of this article and its key points:

#1. Name and Username
#2. Like Photos in Your Niche
#3. Socialize with Followers
#4. Create Hashtags & Encourage Others to Use it
#5. Use Instagram Stories
#6. Figure Out What Your Audience Likes
#7. Link Your Instagram Account to Other Networks
#8. Encourage Followers to Take Actions
#9. Run a Contest

I hope this article will help all of you and also share it with a needy person. We are glad to receive your response through comments

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