How to Make Money from Instagram

People used Instagram for posting videos and pictures as it’s obviously the best platform to share memories or experiences opinions. And most of all the people also used it for earning money and I know very well you are one of them that’s why you have searched for that kind of topic. We are here to solve your “How to make money from Instagram?” with easy & simple ways.

Now I know you want to earn money from Instagram and you also interested in it, and the main thing is that you want to use Instagram for the earning purpose, it’s the best decision you can make for your business because Instagram is one of the most demanding or we can say crowded social media platform.

So it’s easy for you to attract more and more audience towards your product or service.

I’m going to tell you some ways to make money from Instagram or you can say techniques to use Instagram for your earning process. Before starting these methods I want to tell you that it takes time.

If you think that it’s quick and easy to earn money from Instagram in just two or three days then you may leave this content. Because the greatest things take time to happen.

So if you need a permanent or long-time method/ platform to generate income then you have to be patient and give your best to reach at that level wherever you want to go.

Things that take time to happen are stays for a long time as compared to those things who are finished in just a few hours.

Sponsored Post or Influencer:-

In this method, you need a reputation on Instagram as well as a good amount of followers.

You need a loyal audience who believes in you and your advice. If you have a great Audience then you can promote any product or service from your Instagram account or page and charge money from that brand.

You can do this service for big brands and charge them according to your earning strategy.

You can do this kind of work with as many brands as you want. And this strategy will help you to grow and make money easily on Instagram.

This is also called sponsorship as you can sponsor any kind of product and later take your commission from the revenue generated from that product.

You can contact with brands through various sites available on the Internet. Just go and collect a list of brands and started to contact them for work. Or they will also contact you if they need.

This is also known as a kind of passive income as you don’t have to work all day long. It takes some little time and here you can earn as you want.

There aren’t any restrictions on Instagram for your business. Just a few hours a day makes you a millionaire.

Affiliate Marketing:-

you can use Instagram as an affiliate marketer. All you need to do is just an affiliate account on any online Web store like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Banggood, etc. There are various online Web stores available in just one click.

You don’t have to bother about how many sites in which you have assigned yourself. Your purpose is just to provide a useful product or service to your audience so assign yourself in some good Web store where you can find great and helpful products for your audience. 

And you don’t have to pay even a single penny to start affiliate marketing. One thing you have to do is just fill all the payment details that required so that you can get money when any product is sold through you.

Keep in mind that you have a particular type of niche in which you are interested. Suggest those things which are important and useful for your audience.

You can also make your link small by editing it, then it will be easy for you to post.
You have to post clear pictures of your product or service with the link in the Bio. You can also explain the qualities of your product in the post caption.

There are various types of Web stores available on the Internet. You just have to go and register yourself. And if you find any problem with assigning then take the help of the Internet.

Sell Photos and Videos:-

if you are a good photographer then you can click pictures and sell them to those people who need it. Like there are various companies that need new fresh click photos for their website or documents or any other purposes.

The thing you have to keep in mind is that you are passionate about photography and the quality of photos are great so that it attracts more and more audience or buyers towards you.

You can also sell videos or edit a new one for them. I mean you can post some short videos that are edited by you and then the buyer can view those videos and contact you. They give you video editing freelance projects to work on.

You can set criteria of amount charge according to you. And people are ready to pay you if your content fulfills their needs.

There are various sites where you can sell pictures and videos. Just go and search on the Internet and set a list of these sites and start contacting them for selling your pictures or videos.

Sell Your Own Products or Services:-

you can also use Instagram to sell your own products and services.

Post clear pictures or videos on the Instagram account or page and give some details about it. You also have to give some advantages of your product.

Explain why a buyer buys them and how it makes their life easy.
If you are providing any kind of service then you have to give reasons why they use your service.

You may also use any kind of website for selling your products or services, but give the link of your site in the Bio of your page so that people can go to your site and buy from there.

Make sure that you have a great product that is unique and helpful for others. Because uniqueness attracts more and more people. So don’t copy others.

Sell Followers:-

you can also sell followers on Instagram and charge per followers from them. For this, you have a special kind of team which helps you to increase the followers of that particular person.

You need to distribute the money among your teammates. It’s a good kind of business right now these days because people need more and more followers for their account or page so they by followers through money.

There are various sites where you can buy or sell followers so just make list and use those sites to sell followers.

Sell Your Instagram Account or Page:-

you can also sell your account or page at a high rate if you have a good amount of followers. You can ask money according to you because a needy buyer is ready to pay you as much as the amount as you want. All you have to do is the criteria of followers and audience.

your page or account is must be running account. Which gives profit to the buyer. There are various sites available on the Internet where people are searching for buying running account. Just go and search these websites and sell your account.

I hope you will find that article useful 😉 and please share this article with your friends also. Maybe it helps them a lot. It’s the best time to start earning. Use that Internet era and earn much as you can.

These are the methods that you have used along with your study or business or job. Mention down your favorite way to make money online.  

These are just a kind of side Hustle. So use them and make your life easy.
Thanks for reading…

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  1. I have a business page on Instagram related to women’s clothing. It always gets good engagement. Is there any chance to monetize that as well?

    • Yes, you can add cloth affiliate links in bio. Just search this term in youtube. You gonna get thousands of tutorials real quick!


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