Increase Blog Traffic: 13 Ways To Drive Blog Traffic Fast

According to a report, 77% of internet users read blogs. but the question is "How many readers you have"?

And "how you can increase blog traffic organically?"

Well, we all know the importance of the audience for your blog.

There isn't any doubt that without an audience blog is useless, but not everyone is perfect at gathering the audience on their site.

We can improve ourselves by learning through various sources.

As we all know that SEO is an important factor in driving traffic on website but there are many more ways to drive audiences.

Let's Learn the ways to drive traffic to your Website 

Here's the Breakdown:

  1. Quality Blog Posts and SEO:
  2. Upgrade Your Old Blog Posts:
  3. Optimize Your Content With LSI Keywords:
  4. Create Tweet Links:
  5. Make Your Content Readable:
  6. Start With Great Headline:
  7. Use "Share Triggers" For Audience:
  8. Publish Long-Form Content:
  9. Improve Your Organic Click-Through Rate:
  10. Blogger Outreach Promotions:
  11. Republish Old Articles On LinkedIn:
  12. Answer On Quora:
  13. Add Enticing Content To Social Media Posts:

Quality Blog Posts and SEO

Ahrefs study says, only 9.37% of content gets organic traffic from Google.

Are you in 9.37% of people or not?

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Image Source: [DataBox]

Search Engine Optimization is play the major role to drive a lot of traffic to your website. after starting a blog you have to provide quality and valuable information. 

Content is King.

it's all depends on your experience and Knowledge. 

A healthy blog post can provide tons of traffic but for this, you need to choose your niche, You can easily rank for your targeted audience and get readers.

Upgrade Your Old Blog Posts: 

Hubspot has increased by 106% more traffic by updating the older content.

Sounds Good!

In Hubspot case, They get 76% of monthly views from old posts, and they 92% of monthly leads from the old posts.

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Image Source: [Hubspot]

As like this, if you have written many blog posts for a long time then you must have some posts which are too old.

Upgrade all of them.

Add some new and exciting topics, eliminating the old and non-working stuff from it, add some new and better pictures in it.

It takes less effort and easy from writing a new blog post.

This will definitely increase traffic on your blog post and also attract more audiences. Because up-gradation attracts everyone.

Optimize Your Content With LSI Keywords: 

As we all know that Google's algorithm had many new modifications and SEO is the best way to drive traffic to your website.

People use dead SEO strategies to rank higher but they unable to do that.

After changing the lots of Google Algorithm especially"Hummingbird Update" Changed Everything about SEO.

Google after the Keyword understanding now can analyze the topics also.

So you just have to keep these things in mind and then plan your content for a website.

What can helps to better understanding of your content?

LSI Keyword

In short, LSI keywords show the relevancy about your blog topic. 

LSI keywords are long words or phrases which are related to your title as well as seed keywords that help to improve your topic by relevant keywords.

For Example, it can be:

  1. Increase Facebook Likes
  2. Grow Instagram Followers Organically 
  3. Make Money on Youtube
  4. Ways to Increase Blog Traffic Easily

TIP: Suggesting you a website named LSI Graph. It's a free tool that will suggest thousands of LSI keywords to you when you enter the main keyword in the search bar. 

If You don't know what is Click to Tweet then here's the example of this.

Just click on the tweet button and this will post on Tweeter.

You can also create tweet links for your readers, and they will click on it to share information on their twitter handle.

As well as your website also be promoted by them. 

Let me tell you how to do it.

Firstly you have to find something in your content which your readers definitely want to share on their twitter handle. 

It can be a Quote, A definition, A brief Information, or about the blog.

After finding the thing Go to the clicktotweet and write your shareable lines there.

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[Write Your Message Here]

This website generates a link for you. You have to just put the link into your content.

Clicktotweet Link
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There's a lot of embed themes to make more catchy and stylish your tweet.

This will help your readers to quickly get a shareable post for Twitter, So others can easily reach on your website through them. 

Make Your Content Readable

All Users and Search engine loves longer and comprehensive articles that provide the right and valuable information they need.

Peoples have short attention span than a goldfish's.

Difficulties in reading and understanding can reduce your users. 

They easily bored with heavy lines and big Paragraphs and they will leave the article without looking for valuable information that you offered.

For this, you need to make your all content easy to read and clear. Try to make short sentences, friendly tons and a lot of visuals.

These steps help you to make your content more attractive and readable:

  • Use short and clear sentences, friendly tone with users, large font-size and white spacing.
  • Use a grammar checker for improve writing skills. Grammarly is the best for improving writing skills and word choices.
  • Use lots of visuals like Images, Screenshots, Info-graphics and other formats. These things help for increasing readability and better writing.

Start With Great Headline

If you want your blog to perform great, you need to create a magnetic headline.

For getting more clicks you have to focus on Title First. 

According to Copyblogger, 80% of people only read headlines and 20% of visitors will go on to complete the article.

Here's the few tips to write great Headline for your article:

#1. Use Numbers and Specific Data in Your Headline

Some studies say, headlines with numbers can increase 73% more social shares.

Use Number in your headline to get more click.

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#2. Utilize A Unique Rationale:

Unique rationale means "an underlying reason why something should be done.

You have to give a reason why people should read your article.

Here are some of the rationales that you can include in your headlines are:

  • TIPS
  • WAYS

Add these words to your Headline to make more rationale.

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[Image Source: Neil Patel]

Use "Share Triggers" For Audience

So, What is share triggers?

They’re things you include in your content that encourage people to share it.

Behavioral Scientists Dr. Jonah Berger, Dr. Kathrine Milkman Jure Leskovec discovered the first these principles.

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According to this research, When you add Share Triggers in your content People are more likely to share it.

They also like to maintain their intelligent image on social media. You can take advantage of these weaknesses of your audience. 

For Example

Every year Google releases lots of New Update but some major updates can make your site up or down.

Google may update
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Google May 2020 core update is a Share Triggers for peoples. 

Now you know about this. just have to put social media share triggers in your content so when people like your content they definitely want to share it.

And in this way, you can easily use others for promoting your website for free. 

Publish Long-Form Content:

Proved by many types of researches that Long-Form contents are more shareable and more attractive rather than Short-Form contents.

After analyzing one million articles by Buzzsumo for knowing what TYPES of content performed well. 

They found that Long-Form contents get more share and backlinks than short posts.

Long-Form Content
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the long content (>3k words ) get 208% more shares than short content (>1k words ).

So you must have to do your best in all your blog posts.

Improve your organic click-through rate:

Higher Ranking can give tons of visitors.

But, Here's something changed. 

Now there is no need for higher ranking to get more traffic on your blog post.

You don't have to "MORE" focus on higher ranking. 

Instead, You should have to do your best to improve your click-through rate

For example, let assume you rank at #3 for any specific target keyword, And CTR is 4%.

Then assume your CTR gets doubled to 8%.

increase CTR
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Now, your organic traffic is 2x. (without improving your ranking). Don't forget that CTR is the ranking signal of the Google algorithm. 

Increase CTR
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After getting higher CTR, you will definitely improve your Search Result Ranking. 

Blogger Outreach Promotions:

You posted a brilliant post and then?

Now you need to promote it through the blogger outreach.

When you will write any post next time. Then after posting a new post you must promote your website through a good blogger of your niche.

It will definitely boost up your website. 

For promoting you have to approach them and send a great email to them. Make sure that your message should be humble, short, and to the point.

Here's an example:

Blogger Outreach Promotions
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TIP: Don't use the word promote or promotion in the email message as it shows a kind of enforcement there

Republish old articles on LinkedIn:

As we all know LinkedIn is growing day by day, people prefer it for useful purposes related to business.

So it's very easy for you to get a targeted audience from here. 

You just have to write your blog as a LinkedIn article and don't forget to mention your website link as well. 

So that it's easy for your visitors to land on your website.

Do your best to represent your content at LinkedIn, it should be attractive so that it gets more and more clicks. 

Answer on Quora:

Quora is a huge platform for Q&A and known for its queries and various solutions.

You can promote your blog post for increasing traffic.

Here's the step;

#1. Sign up at the Quora and find your topic-related questions.

As I search for Affiliate Marketing.

Quora Affiliate Marketing
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There's a lot of question-related to this specific keyword.

Just click on the more relevant question.

#2. Write Down your thoughts briefly here.

Quora Write Answer
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Once you find a question of your interest then do your best and write a brief answer to this question.

Make sure that you should use rich vocabulary and don't forget to put the link of your blog post which is relevant to that topic.

You will definitely get more new visitors on your website. 

Note: Don't be too promotive in the answer to that question. Because it will offend your readers. 

Add enticing content to social media posts:

Most of people don't know how to represent their blog post on social media.

everyone makes this mistake in his initial days.

They just put the link of the blog and press shared button for promoting their content. but they are wrong.

But instead of this, you should have to give a reason for the people to make a click on your blog post.

For this, you should have to put some attractive questions or bullet points that you have covered in your blog post.

And tell people to click on this to know more information like this.

And that's it. You will definitely get more audience from social platforms than before. 

In the end, I hope you have something new from this article.

Thank you for reading this article. ❤

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