How to Do Keyword Research: Guide for Higher Ranking

Keyword Research is the main factor for high ranking in Google search results. This is a basic term for Search Engine Optimization in Online Field.

But What’s the exact meaning of Keyword Research and How it works?

The simple goal of keyword research is to find out what your target audience is searching for and what it will take to exact rank for those keywords.

If you are Beginner in the blogging field then it’s very important for you. With the help of the right keywords uses you can increase your blog traffic easily.

This article can give you complete knowledge about Keyword Research from scratch to top.

So basically in this article, You will get detailed information about the keyword research case study.

Here’s The Breakdown of  Article:

So here I am going to tell you the exact keyword research definition in SEO

What is Keyword Research?

There are numerous blogs on the internet but some blogs have tons of traffic while on the other hand, some blogs don't have anything. This is because of the SEO of blogs.

SEO is consists of three terms which are:

  • Link Building, 
  • Content Marketing 
  • Keyword Research

The Best Definition of what is Keyword Research can be found on Backlinko Keyword research guide.

Keyword Research is a process of discovering the words and phrases that people use in search engines with the ultimate goal of optimizing content around these terms and ranking for ​​​​those terms in SERP.

Types of Keywords

Basically, we divide keywords into three categories and these categories are the head, body, and long-tail keyword.

Head keyword - Head keyword is about 1 or 2 words and it has a high search volume. These keywords are the most competitive.

Let's take an example to make you more clear.

Money, Health, Self-Development, etc. Because in these words there isn't any specification about what people want related to these words.

Guess This Blog Head Keyword?

Yes, You are right. It's Keyword Research. okay? The second is...

Body Keyword - Body keywords are 2 or 3 word phrases and have medium search volume, nor high nor low.

These keywords are more specific than head keywords and less competitive than head keywords. 

Examples of define this are Online Money Earning, Self-Development Books, and Trending Cars, etc.

Long-Tail Keywords - Long-tail keywords are those keywords that are about 4 or more phrases and have low search volume.

A long-tail keyword is a more specific topic/subtopic of the head term.

Usually, fewer people create content about this topic.

And are low competitive as well but they can run your site on the top of Google.

Examples for this are Make Money With YouTube, Top 10 Self-Development Books, and Easy Ways to Earn Money Online, etc.

Latent semantic index (LSI)

Latent Semantic Index (LSI) is an association of words which are shown below as a suggestion when you are searching for something on the search tab.

Let's take an Example of LSI Keywords.

Keyword Research for SEO
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Image Source: [BeginnersBook]

Let's assume You typed the word "Blogging" in google Search Bar. Then You will see there are a lot of suggestions starts appearing below it.

Just type your main keyword in Google Search and note down all the suggestive words displayed by it. Now you have a list of related keywords.

With this method you can find a lot of keywords by just repeating the same technique.

There is one tool that you can use for more related keywords that is LSI graph.

Why Keyword Research Is Important?

keyword research helps you to rank higher on google and helps to finding right audience for keywords.

For generating tons of traffic you need to do keyword research for blog or your website.

Because when you use keywords in your content which are the same as the people put on their search engines, then your blog will start appearing in the search results on google.

But it's not as easy as it shows.

For this, You have to observe the density of keywords, choose your keywords strategically as your blog totally depends upon keyword research.

(Number of keywords/ Total number of words) * 100 = KW Density

The keyword research strategy helps you to serve people by putting some words which helps your audience as well as you.

If you don't know which relevant keyword leads to your website then you can't drive traffic to your blog site.

You have to Choose niche for your blog for targeting your audience or keywords.

But there is a problem faced by most of the people.

They don't have any idea about keywords, what kind of keywords are searched more, which keywords are related to our topic? 

which keyword brings more traffic and many more question.

So here I am going to tell you some tactics to easily find great ideas for keywords. Even a long list of keywords.

Ideas For Keyword Research

Now the question is  "how to find a keyword?" or "how to get keyword ideas?"

When you decided to start any blog then you first have to choose a niche and a variety of audiences to whom you target.

Now to find keyword ideas you must decide your topic which is relevant to your niche.

For example, we take a niche "online earning" and write down relevant topics which are as follows:

Keyword Research for Blog
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Now, you have to choose one topic from it and prepare yourself for collecting keywords. In the given paragraph, I'm going to tell you some ways so you can use them for collecting your keywords.

Here we start:

Use Google For Keyword Research:

Use Google for Finding a list of keywords for your blog.

Now that you have a list of topics, type each one of them into Google.

Google search is the best source for collecting right and effective keywords for your content which helps you to run your blog at Google SERP.

Even Google is the best place to do keyword research, that make your site rank up on Google.

Type Your Head/Seed Keyword in Google Search Engine.

Google Search for Affiliate Marketing
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See the What terms Google suggested for You.

Keyword Research for Blog
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There are a lot of words which you find that you can use it in your content for the blog.

After typing a keyword on the search bar, you have to scroll down and reach the bottom of your search result page.

Here you get some results which are headed under "people also search for". 

Keyword Research for Google
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You can take some major words which are related to your topic.

Apart from this you get some bold words which you have noticed in every search result shown by Google.

You also recognize these words properly and make some notes from them.

These noted words will help you to satisfy your audience by reaching them and giving them what they want.

In simple words, these keywords help you to reach your targeted audience.

Wikipedia Keywords:

Wikipedia is a platform that can provides you rich keywords for your content and helps you to rank even more on Google.

So here are some guidelines which help you to use Wikipedia for keyword research.

For this, you have to open your chrome or go to the Wikipedia tab.

And after this just type the main keyword which is related or the main part of your blog. 

For example, we type "Online Advertising" at the Wikipedia tab then the search result will show.

Wikipedia Search
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Now, see the What result get from this search in Wikipedia.

Online Advertising Wikipedia Page
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You have notice that there are a lot of Highlights word in the this page.

Then you just go to the content box and select some keywords which are related to your blog post and note it down.

Click on the "Contents" section of the page. There are Subtopics about the page.

You can choose some useful Keywords for your work or blog post.

Wikipedia Table of Contents
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Now, You know How to do Keyword Research from Wikipedia. right?

Pro Tip: Just Click on Any Highlight Words or On Subtopics to get related Keywords about Particular Topic.

Let's Jump into the Next...

Reddit For Keyword Research:

Discover the targeted audience Hang out on Reddit.

There is potential find right audience and keyword for that. This is popular for News Aggregation, Web Content Rating, and Discussion.

As it's also growing very speedily and reaches to a lot of audiences. So you can also find some important words from this.

So here we will give you some ways which helps you in finding keywords from Reddit:

For Example I took "Blogging" Word to search.

Keyword Research on Reddit
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Now, you will see some popular community (known as subreddit) their your audience hang out.

Blogging Community on Reddit
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Just type your keywords in search bar and find your audience with subreddit. But now for doing Keyword Search. 

When the search result appears, then you just have to choose any one article related to your topic and read their comments.

There are numerous comments which you have to find related to your topic. 

Through this exercise, you will get to know about what people don't know and what they are going to search for on Google.

You will get the targeted audience through this and have a chance to serve them well.

This helps you, your audience as well as your blog for a run at top of the google.

Keyworddit is a free SEO tool that provides you free search results of Reddit for about a month.

You can easily observe them and pick up keywords from there and use them strategically in your blog post.

YouTube Suggestion:

You can also find Keywords from YouTube Search Engine.

For Example, I search for "Increase Facebook Likes" on Youtube. Then you can see log-tail keyword and you can put on all the important phrases in your content.

youtube Blogging engine
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As YouTube and Google You can use Bing Search Engine also for more keywords.

Let's Talk about some Free Keyword Research Tool for SEO.

Keyword Research Tools For SEO:

This amazing Tools Helps to find more keywords for higher ranking.

This Keyword Research Tool List is almost Free and you find your best with those.

Here we go....


Soovle gives you suggested keyword ideas from various sources Like Google, YouTube Yahoo, Amazon, Wikipedia, Bing, etc.

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So you don't have to do extra hard work to search your keywords.

You can save your selected keywords with Soovle also. 

The main thing is that it's one of the most popular keyword research tool. So you can easily use it for ranking your website.


This tool will provide you a lot of different kinds of keywords, and keyword ideas as well.

It clearly shows the volume, density of the keywords & SEO difficulty for choosing the perfect keyword according to need.

Keyword Research on Jaaxy
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The QSR (Quoted Search Result) Says "how many other sites are trying to rank for this exact keyword?"

This is not a free tools but it's provides first 30 Free Searches for keywords.

Google search console:

The Google Search Console is not a profession Tool. But it has an amazing features that you can use for keyword research tool to boost your website.

The Feature is "Performance Report".

This feature provides you the exact pages of your website which gets most clicks on google and even exactly keywords that ran your website.

Now, you just have to find "Opportunity keywords".

Opportunity Keyword are where you rank up between 8th-20th position in Google for a specific keyword.

Now you just have to find your average ranking keyword and use it in your content boost up the ranking of your website.

Google search console is a very powerful keyword research tool where you get opportunity keywords that no other tool will provide you.

Ahrefs keyword explorer:

This tool provides you in-depth information about the keyword which will help you to find the best keywords for your site.

Ahrefs Blog Keyword research
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Image Source: [Ahrefs Blog]

You can easily breakdown the competition of the first page, as it gives you the complete detail about the search results and exactly how many clicks they get.

There are various tools which provide the keyword difficulty vague.

But it has a function named "Keyword difficulty" and it exactly tells about how many backlinks do you need to run your website on the first page of Google search list.

keyword research with Ahrefs
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Image Source: [WordStream]

It's mostly known for its backlink analysis feature and no doubt for getting adorable keywords for ranking your website.

You can start with 7 days Free trials.

Google keyword planner:

This is my favorite tool to do Keyword research for free.

Because it has Google's Mighty Keyword Database.

For me, This is the best keyword research tool compared to others. Because....

The data you get from it comes straight from Google. right?

Google Keyword Planner Keyword research
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You can get relevant keywords, Search Volume, Competition, and the best part of GKP there's "Top of Page Bid" Feature.

Which makes it unique from other tools.

You can get high quality benefits with this keyword tool.

KeywordTool.oi: is the Google Keyword Planner Alternative. And this is also one of the best tools for keyword research.
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It provides you a lot of keyword suggestions when you enter a seed keyword into it. 

You can easily filter, expand its result, and get the perfect keyword for your site. It has a function named "Analyse competitor". 

This is an amazing function which only has few tools like, This can analyzes your competitor's website and then generate new keywords according to it for you. 

Ubersuggest and SEMrush can also provide the competitors analysis.

You can use to beat the competition and get higher ranking on Google.

By these tools, you get a number of keywords but now the question arises "how to choose the right keyword?".

Here, We are going to know some important points about this topic.

How To Choose The Right Keyword?

Now, you know from where and how to find keywords for blog.

But how to pick up the right keywords for SEO?

Search Volume:

You have a lot of keywords in your notepad. 

It's a very crucial moment when you have to select some main and important keywords for your content.

You have to find out the high and low search volume keyword. and then...

how to do keyword research for blog
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Pick only those keywords which have medium search volume according to your niche.


Now the people don't have to click over any website to get the answer as the featured snippets make it easy.

Now people just see the result on the first page of Google. 

Just I searched for "How to do affiliate marketing" and I get snippet.

How to do affiliate marketing
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People only enter into the website whenever they need deep information about a particular topic.

If your site is run on the top ranking on Google then it's maybe not important that it will get clicks by the audience.

SparkToro reports says about zero rank (snippet feature) that show the how may google searchers click on an organic result in way down.

Zero ranking
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Because Google used a lot of ads that put over on the first page and of course above your site. So people rarely focus on this.

So you should have to use your keyword and topic carefully and make sure that before choosing your topic just see by searching about snippet features and google ads are present or not related to your topic.

Don't avoid any topic if it had a low CTR because it may be possible that you can get traffic at your site through that particular word in the long term.


If you are a newbie in the field of blogging then you should target low competitive keywords or we can say long tail keywords.

keyword difficulty
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Image Source: [​Mangools]

Because they will help you to get organic traffic at first. And when you start getting traffic then you should have to move to the low competitive keywords.

And in the future, you will start getting traffic even through a short head keyword.

Cost Per Click (CPC):

When the CPC of your content is high then you can get great ROI even when you don't get many searches on your website.

It's not profitable to hit a keyword which isn't have commercial intent.

When you are optimizing your content you must have to take care of the CPC along with the search results.

Trending Keywords:

In the last, You need to check your keywords are trending or not. 

While searching for keywords for your content you can use ​Google Trends for this.

​Google Trends
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For example, I take the keyword: “voice search SEO” for search.

You can compared between two keyword for more details and topic trend.

Where To Use Keywords In The Content?

There is no doubt that you will have to use those keywords all over the content.

But there is one thing you have to keep in mind is that avoiding the repetition of the same words frequently.

Because this step makes your audience pissed off and getting irritated.

There are some crucial parts in the content where you should have to put focus and place some keywords strategically:

#1. Page Title: Before choosing your title to be sure that it will be the SEO title and must be something that people want to know about.

Keyword Research for SEO
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Your topic must be clickable and appears in the Google search results. Your seed keyword is always in the title of your content. The title should be of 6 to 10 words (max).

#2. Meta Description: You should put your keyword in between the first 120 to 160 words.

Make sure that you should bold your keyword and do not use them more than twice.

Keyword Research Example
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Because your audience will see your meta description and they got to know the description of your whole article.

They decide by seeing this whether to click it or not.

So your meta description should contain the keyword as well as the core description of your whole article.

the keyword is the backbone of any website which brings traffic on the website. check out this Awesome blog.

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So you have to focus more and more on this topic while planning your content for blog posts.

By this post, you will definitely get an idea of how to do keyword research for your blog site.

leave a quick comment below right now. 

Thank you to being a part of this Article. ❤

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