Make Money on YouTube: Full Earning Checklist & Tips

Do you Want to know “How to Start a Youtube Channel?” and you also Want to know “How to Make Money on Youtube“?. You are in the right place. Know about all things of youtube earning setups and mistakes of beginners YouTuber.

YouTube is the most interesting and popular way of entertainment as it is very easy to use. The great thing about it is that 500 hours of video upload every minute and there are 1.9 billion users logging every month. It’s the largest platform where a large amount of audience is available.

People like to watch movies at the weekend on youtube, people like to watch educational videos, people like to watch dance videos, games, videos, thousands of tutorials on various topics. Youtube is becoming the necessity of everyone’s life.

When anyone wants to search about anything then they don’t open their google, they just open YouTube and like to watch the video content. Video content is more interesting than the boring writing format. So according to human psychology, YouTube is preferred more by the users, as they attracted to the video content.

There are a lot of people who search for various topics so there are a lot of YouTubers who are uploading these contents on YouTube. And these YouTubers are paid for it. It’s not a very tough thing to earn money on YouTube.

There are a lot of people who started from 0 subscribers and now they are billionaire, their videos reach 1k or 2k views in just 2 or 3 days, what unbelievable, dude it’s true and it’s believable. And yes they exist.

These are the people whose videos cross billions of views in just a few days :

As of December 2019, the fastest videos to reach the one billion view mark are “Hello” (87 days), “Despacito” (96 days), “Shape of You” (97 days), “Mi Gente” (103 days) and “Échame la Culpa” (111 days). The fastest videos to reach two billion views are “Despacito” (154 days), “Shape of You” (187 days) and “Girls Like You” (293 days), and the fastest videos to reach three billion views are “Despacito” (203 days), “Shape of You” (342 days) and “See You Again” (852 days).

It’s the best method to make money on youtube via the internet and phone. It has a global reach. In a country like India, there are a lot of illiterate people who also use youtube for entertainment.

There is not only a single way to earn money on youtube but a lot of ways for which you are paid. You can also make money on youtube without AdSense or without showing your face, There’s lots of niche or category for youtube videos.

So here I’m going to tell you some detailed information about youtube so that you should also able to earn money from it and get rich.

How to Make Money on YouTube with Simple Steps

Do you make money on youtube? Before earning money on youtube, You must know how to set up your Youtube Channel and what is the common mistake for beginner YouTubers. Here’s I’ll try to cover all the things for you.😎

Basically, this article is divided into four parts:

Importance/advantage of YouTube
How to Set Up a YouTube Account
How to Start Monetization on YouTube
Other Ways to Earning Money from YouTube
Steps that you should keep in mind while uploading your video

These points will cover all the things for a youtube channel or beginner Youtuber. Here you’ll know about youtube from zero. Let’s start the Topic.

Benefits of Youtube Channel Creation

You can work from where you want. There is no need to go to any particular place for work. You are free to do work from any place. You don’t need any expensive camera for it. You can record video from a normal android phone.

There is no need to acting or showing your face on camera. You can just edit video with your voice and it’s simple. There is no boss. You will be your boss, you should not have to follow orders from anyone. You should have to work according to your choice.

You should be responsible for your work. It’s totally your hard work, more and more hard work makes you a millionaire. You create content according to your choice. This could be on any topic and any niche.

And that’s the importance of Youtube you can show your talent here, you can teach your skills here, you can do an experiment here, you can explore the world here, on youtube you can do what you want but under the youtube guidelines.

How to Create a YouTube Channel :

Step 1: First thing you have to do is just sign in to youtube and then look at the right upper corner of the screen, there is a user icon, so just click on it.

Step 2: Click on that gear icon, then you get to enter into your YouTube account setting.

Step3: Now click on the create YouTube channel option, then the next page will be open.

Step 4: After this choose any one option from it ” use a business name or other name ” and then add your brand name according to your choice, then click on create.

Step 5: After this, you have to fill your profile with your right and true information, you should have to fill the description option with the appropriate description of your channel.

Step 6: Now you should have to put a profile picture and cover pic which makes your channel more attractive, but remember that your profile picture represents your channel so it must be your brand logo or something which is related to your channel.

YouTube provides you 2500×1440 pixels size of 4 MB so you should have to keep it in mind when uploading your profile and cover pic.

Step 7: You can also make the first video about the channel trailer, it’s a good idea to give some information about your channel to your new viewers, so this video should be small in size but describe your purpose behind this channel and also your expectations.

Step 8: You should have to give a right title to your video, your video must be according to your title and satisfy your viewers because they open that video by seeing your title so this title must satisfy your viewer.

Make your youtube video with clear audio and clear video, you should describe your video, purpose behind that video and what type of audience you want to target.
After that YouTube also provides you with a section of hashtags where you can add appropriate hashtags related to your video and title.

Step 9: Now you can see the upload option at the top right corner of the screen.

Note: You can make a YouTube channel both into your phone or into your computer.

How to Monetize YouTube Channel

There are differs ways to monetize the Youtube channel. Monetizing the Youtube channel that’s not mean the only AdSense. Nowadays, Youtube has own potential to provide different ways to earn money on youtube. know about all the methods of youtube earning.

Google AdSense

You can make money with Google AdSense. In this feature, Google will pay you for every view of ads on your video. For this, you have to be a YouTube partner and for this Adsense, you have to enable your channel monetization.

Steps for Monetization the Youtube Channel :

  1. Sign-in into YouTube Account.
  2. Click the Top Right Corner on Your Account Icon.
  3. Go on Creator Studio.
  4. In the Left Menu, select Channel Option and then select Status & Feature.
  5. Click Enable Monetization section.
  6. Follow on the screen options to Accept YouTube’s Terms.

You should have to create a Google Adsense account. All youtube can apply for Adsense only when you hit 1000 subscribers & 4000 watch hours in the past years.
After this youtube runs ad videos on your video and google will pay you when every time viewers watch that video.

Instagram is also the best platform to become an influencer or brand. Know about How to make money from Instagram. Many YouTubers also make money from Instagram by a sponsored post and networking.

According to YouTube guidelines, your content could get excluded from ad revenue if it includes:

  • Sexually related content, including partial nudity and sexual humor videos
  • Violence, Serious Injury, and Events Related to Violent Extremism
  • Disappointing Words, Harassment, Profanity, and Vulgar Language
  • Drugs Promotions and Regulated Substances, Selling, Uses, and Abuse of Such Items
  • Controversial or Sensitive Subjects Related to War, Political Conflicts, Natural Disasters, and Tragedies, Even if Infographic Imagery isn’t Shown

But the reality is that YouTube has been demonetizing content that it doesn’t deem advertiser-friendly since 2012 via an automated process, without warning, and without the content creator’s knowledge.

Sell Merchandise Products

You can also make money by selling products on YouTube. But for this, you must have huge subscribers and viewers. You can make a video on the branded products and tell about your experience of use of that product after this if that product is liked by your viewers then they will contact you for buying it.

For this, you have to observe the demand and supply in the market and then provide the most demanded product in the market through your videos or channel.

Create Sponsored Content

You can also create sponsored content or video like on any product or any app or any other thing which is requested by their owner, then you are also paid by the company for that sponsored video.

If you have high subscribers then brands ultimately approach you but if brands don’t approach then you should have to approach them and show your work to them so that there is a deal take place.

You can go through some companies websites and then write an email for your proposal. This email should contain the details about your progress rate and also about your channel.

There are several sponsorship platforms online that can help you connect with brands. Famebit and Grapevinelogic are a couple of famous names that have been helping creators get brand deals.

Another interesting platform that you can try out is Grin. It can help creators grow their online influence through cross-promotion with other influencers through Shoutouts, giveaways or mentions.

Affiliate Marketing:

Amazon, wall art, eBay, Shopify, etc are those websites that provide you a link and then every time when any person clicks on it and buys the product from your link, you are paid for it.

For this, you just have to set up an affiliate account and then only that website provides you the link of any product. There are various commission criteria for every product.

So you should have to check about what percentage the should company provide you, then choose your product wisely.

You may also give an affiliate link in the description of many products where your viewers can buy it. And you may get money through this affiliation process.

You may also provide information about the product in the video so that the viewers get to know about that product and interested in that product.

The most important thing you should have to keep in mind that youtube is not a quick earning formula for becoming a multi-millionaire. But your hard work consistency, quality of work, may bring you that place.

So believe in you and just working, after that criteria, you will start earning some penny from it. But slowly the income will increase with respect to your viewers and subscribers.

But in stating you should have to focus on providing good quality content only. That’s the only way to reach that top place easily and quickly.

Common Mistakes New YouTubers Make

You are here it means you are a new YouTuber. So there are some common mistakes that every new YouTuber makes. I’m here to aware you not to make these kinds of silly mistakes.

There is a list of common mistakes that you should not do:

Irrelevant Titles: some you tubers put attracting titles which are not even related to their video. The title should be related to your video and must satisfy your viewer when they start your videos by seeing your title.

Inappropriate Channel Name: Some YouTubers use inappropriate names for theirs. Your channel name should be easy and match with the content you provide to your viewer. Your channel name should represent your purpose and niche of your channel. Your channel names us the first thing which any viewer can watch.

Clumsy Thumbnail: Your thumbnail should be clear and represent the topic or niche of your video. Thumbnail gives the impression of your video. So it must be attractive and neat and clean.

Not Rehearsing: Some YouTubers not rehearsing properly before making their video. They are just in a hurry and shoot their video without rehearsing it. That kind of video is full of errors and repetition which is not liked by the viewers.

Empty Description: There are a lot of YouTubers who thought that there is no need to add a description or no one would focus on it. They are wrong, description plays a vital role in your video and also shows the purpose of your video.

Not Linking to Social Media Platform: There are a lot of people who do not connect their YouTube channel to their social media website so that their audience would not contact them. So they should connect it with their social media sites that it’s easy for their viewers to contact them easily.

Not Creating a Playlist: Many YouTubers thought that creating a playlist for their audience or viewers is just a waste of time so they are totally wrong. They should have to create a playlist of their best video so that any new visitor will watch those videos and judge your channel through it.

Not Commenting Back: some YouTubers don’t give replies to the comments on their videos. They thought that it’s just a waste of time. And this will give them a bad effect. So every YouTuber should respond to the comments on their videos. This will attract more and more viewers and they also like to respond t videos, which is a good sign.

Not Using Hashtags: Many YouTubers don’t put hashtags on their videos. They thought that it’s just a waste of time or there is no use of it. But there is a lot of effect of these hashtags on your channel.
These hashtags help youtube to find your video related to that keyword. So use relevant hashtags in your videos so that it will be shown in the searched results.

Long Video: You should keep in mind that your video would not be too long. Your video should not bee too long or too short. It must be appropriate to your topic and satisfy your viewer.

Time Gap Between Videos: You should have to maintain the time gap between the videos uploaded. You should not upload videos frequently or not after a long period of time. You should decide a perfect time gap and after that period of time upload your video. Like every third day a video or every week one video, etc.

Not Asking to Subscribe and Comment: This is the general thing that many YouTubers forget in their videos. You should ask them to respond to your video through subscription or through commenting. By this, you will get to know the mindset of your audience related to your video.

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So, Here’s all the information about make money on youtube Earning and Youtube Setup with Common mistakes of beginners YouTubers. Now, you can start a fantastic youtube channel and start growing up. I hope you like this valuable information 🙂

Thanks for reading this article and share it with your needy friend. I hope this will help you.

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