Niche For Blog: Guide To Choose Niche For Your Blog

You have Started a Blog or Think About that but, you haven't decided to choose a Perfect and Profitable niche for your Blog.

And You also Want to Find a Perfect Niche for Blogging. Then We Here to Help Help You. 

As You Know, Blogging Is A Great Platform To Earn Online And Following Your Passion Also.

That's Not Mean You Started A Blog And Start Writing Quickly.

All You Need Is Just Your Writing Passion. Taking A Decision Is Easy.

There Are ​152 Million Blogs On The Web. Every 0.5 Second Upload A New Blog.

But After This, There Is A Common Problem That Everybody Has To Face Which Is "Niche For Your Blog".

So In This Article, We Solve All The Niche Related Problems.

What Is A blogging Niche?

In Short, Blogging Niche Is A Particular Market To Using It For Your Profits. Or A Specific Market for Your audience that you Interested in it or Passionate about it. 

A niche for blogging refers to a subject upon which you want to share your knowledge with your audience.

Niche is related to a specific field in which you have a proper market and you want to feed that audience with that particular field knowledge.

Niche blogs (Niche Websites) is new a Concept for beginners and Intermediate blogger. People using niche list for rank easier (and that's works).  

instead of email Subscribers, blog post get 3.5X more shared on social media.

For an quick example of blog niche:

You are a traveler and you love travelling a lot. then you started a blog to write related traveling and your journey experiences.

Now, Your passion (traveling) and earning (Blogging) get Matched.

so, now you can write as much you want based on your experiences. That's your profitable niche for blog.

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“No Niche Is Too Small, If It's Yours”

- Seth Godin -

Importance Of Choosing The Niche For Your Blog

So it's also a very important question, why we choose a particular niche for our blog?

Why we should not write on different topics whatever we want. Why is it important to write for a specific niche?

Before starting your blog you have to decide your audience to whom you targeted. 

it may be "geographic areas, a Specific country, a specialty industry, ethnic or age groups, or any other particular group of people.

But Once You Have Started Writing Your Blog Then It Should Be On A Specific Niche.

Because If You Jump Upon Different Niches Or On Other Market, Then Your Audience Doesn't Stick To You.

They Don't Match Yourself With Your Content And May Leave You Blog Site. That's Not Good.

Blogging NIche
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That shows Niche blog has target audience for a particular market

Let's take an example

As We Before Talked About A Travel Blogger, So What Happened If you Doesn't Stick To your Particular Niche Travel Blogging.

Then your Audience started switching to other blogger who writes only Traveling related Content. and start losing your audience.

So A Blogger Has To Target A Particular Audience So That The Audience Sticks To His Website.

Blogger Has To Try His Best To Feed His Audience With Informative Content Related To His Niche.

When The Audience Gets What They Want, And For That Kind Of Content That They Thought To Get Before Join Your Blogging Site.

Then It's Good For That Blogging Site. Because A Happy Customer Attracts More Customers.

In Simple ways

niche is important to specify your audience for your right market(niche).

You Don't Need 1000+ Ideas For Starting Your Own Blog. Just Select a #NicheBlog And  Start Giving Your experience About that.

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Benefits For Find A Perfect Niche For Blog

Choosing a perfect niche for your blog is really beneficial.

writing in a Specific Category helps you get more and more creativity with your contents. 

general blogging ( know as "lifestyle niche" also ) not get rank easier but niche blog. 

Choose A Prefect Niche For Blog
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That's the Benefits of Blogging niche

Have look on some benefits of niche blog:

  • Niche Blogs Make It Easier To Monetize Your Blog for-profits
  • You never have a shortage of content on your blogging site.
  • niche blogs keep you on track to write more Interesting content. 
  • It encourages you to collect more fresh content for your audience.
  • With a blog niche, you can find well-define audience for your blog.
  • A perfect niche makes your blog easy to rank Compared to without niche.
  • it will Easier to set up and add new contents to attract more audience.
  • blogging niche provides you well define audience for affiliate marketing also.
  •  It Helps You To Create Unique Content That Makes Your Content Different From Others.

How To Find A Perfect Niche For Your Blog

Before that, there is no issue to go with general category like others or anyone force you to choose niche blog or stick with one niche.

and there are lot's of bloggers get Success in General and more than one niches.

some Example check this. 

Best NIches For Blog
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​​​​Source: HuffPost

in 2005, arianna huffington started The Huffington Post (know as "HuffPost" also).

This website post about business, technology, finance, lifestyle, books, Entertainment, politics, etc. almost every niche covered by HuffPost. 

according to huffpost yearly revenue is 250$ Million.

Let's see the one more example

Best Niche Ideas
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Source: TheWireCutter

in 2011, brian lam founded The WireCutter as a product review site. with more than one niches.

they focused almost every product such as electronics, home, or kitchen appliances, money, travel, health, etc. that Generate 1 Million$ yearly revenue.

Well, know you know the truth behind the Specific niche and general niche.

and there is lot's of awesome website with one specific website.

Quick example.

  1. 1
    Brian Dean Founder Of Backlinko Write About Google Algorithms And SEO.
  2. 2
    Neil Patel is an expert in Online Marketing, and online business.  
  3. 3
    We as Myself Millionaire write about blogging, online earning and social growth.

a blogging niche have power to give you Specific and well define audience for affiliate, ebooks, courses and more.

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So, now you know difference between blogging niche and general niche.

Let's find a profitable niche for your blog. okay?

for finding the niche for your blog you have to self analyze for that:

ready to dive in.

#1. Find your passion

Find A Niche For Blog
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Find Your Passion 

to write about something or stay on track with the same Interest on one particular topic you have to Passionate about that. 

for pick a niche for blog think about your daily life.

you are Passionate about blogging and you want to start a blog. but without passion, you can't do anything.

in any field, people wants to define own passion, but for you, you are going to get your niche soon.

for niche blog you have to clear your goal about which topics or subject you like most.

it's really easy to find your passion, if not then not worry we here to solve this.

#2. write down All the Things You like most

Well, now it's not Difficult for you. you know about yourself what you like most.

for an example..... if you travel a lot and you like to visit Different places. then choosing  travel niche for blog is good for you.

that's mean you can write about your experiences and best views, shop, hotels about that place.

But for now, your list might look like this:

  • Traveling
  • grooming
  • Movies
  • Gaming
  • technology
  • Sports (like, Cricket, hockey)
  • Singing
  • online marketing
  • graphic Designing 
  • business 

#3. take advantage from your daily life.

for finding your niche and your passion you can take Advantage from your daily basic life.

Think about the blogs or topics do you read Mostly on internet?

which types of magazines do you Subscribe?

which kind of books do you read for knowledge?

do you think, you have wide range of different interests, or you might find yourself in almost same topics (i.e. "online earning")?

just write down all the things related to blog niches.  and see if they bring up any clearness about your blog niche Ideas.

#4. Make lists of your hobbies and experiences

Yeah, every step is important for Finding your niche. 

what types of jobs you ever done? write down as well. and what about your hobbies?

what do you do in your free times?

what types of learning you enjoy from internet?

Do you have experience in any special work?

for example... you like to do cooking in your free time or it maybe seeing cooking videos on YouTube. For me, I love to watch online earning videos

just make a list of all the things.

#5. list significant things you've accomplished recently

on the internet, Many successful blogs teach people "how to" do something.

from teaching "how to Increase Facebook Likes" to how to become famous on TikTok.

every person have own Experiences and tricks to reach on top with that help.

For example... Mr. Money Mustache teaching people how to save money and start investing that helps to freedom from money so they can retire early.

What significant accomplishments have you ever had? some ideas for that:

  • Lose weight and weight Maintenance
  • stock market, investment and mutual funds
  • Photography and style poses

these are all examples of accomplish that others people love to read about that- it could be anything that most people struggle to accomplish.

answers the questions to get your blog niche Instantly

Now it’s time to validate the list you brainstormed. 

for now, after Analyzing all the things at least you have a loose ideas in your mind for your blog niche.

it's times to find  top profitable niche for blogs here. just give the answers of some questions and get your blog niche instantly.

if you select your niche but what about reader? how do you think if your blog niche will really translate into a Successful blog and attract audience?

if you found your almost answer in yes then it will be best for you if not try with other niche.

you can find your niche but what profitability, your Knowledge about that and your Interest?

Perfect Niche For Blog
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Best Winning Niche Example

and the questions are:

#1. will i love to writing about 50+ posts without expecting money for a year?

According to a research, 99% blogs failed in 2019 and Continuously increased this Graph in 2020. 

and there is main reason is expecting too early and lack of motivation.

you created a blog and start publishing post in every week. but, within 3-5 month, your post will start decreasing and in the end you gave up.

your aim to start a blog is earning. right? 

but in starting you start expecting for readers and earning. it's not good.

if you have potential to write almost 50+ posts in a week and with hard motivation and you Can get Easily success in blogging.

about your niche, if you can write without expecting in the first year then if will be suitable for you.

#2. are there people interested in your niche and want to read your topics?

after the first question, if you agree with that then you can jump on second question for pick a niche for blog.

you get your niche but reader are Interested about that? find out the conclusion for that.

for your niche, you have to research about your audience. some popular tools like KWFinder and SEMrush will help to find your keyword search volume.

For example...

"Make Money Online" has 74000+/mo visitors and that's a good amount for earn profits from blog.

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and "start a blog" has own 60.000+ monthly visitors. and that's really good for blogs

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Like This check your niche and self analyse that:

"Cooking- 110000", "Gaming News- 110000", "photography- 301000" and more.

if you will able to find at least 40-50 normal keywords in your blog niche with 300-10.k+ monthly search volumes then you can Easily build profitable blog.

we don't need high volume searches because of high Competitions.

Important Tip for your 

first of all, high keyword volumes not means you will get vast audience and all. don't focus on keyword high volume. I just showed the examples.

high search volume = More people focusing on the same terms = more competition = less chance of getting success.

keyword with 250-10000 search volumes  is the best for the beginners and after that you will get automatically good visitors 

#3. Is This Niche Likely to Be Around for Years to Come?

It's also a important question about your blog niche.

you never want to end up your blog after starting from scratch after  ten months or a year.

your aim to choose a niche for blog to Going to be around for years to come.

Quick Example for that:

You Don't A Your Niche For some Year Like "Cricket World Cup" Or "Olympics Games". right? we need a niche for many years.

let's start with google trends free tool to check about important data like,

  • people are really searching your niche
  • and their interest is increasing or Decreasing in trends

it's best place to Analyse your niche keywords.

Let's for "Travel" vs "Olympics Games" on google trends for an Example.​​​​

Profitable Niche For Blog
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source: ​Google Trends

now, you can see the difference between Travel and olympics games. from last 5 years, travel niche increases own value but olympics  games not because it's come once in five years

so, you know your niche should Reachable for long terms. okay?

#4. Can I make profits from this niche?

yeah, this time has come to figure out can you money from your blog niche? 

if you have creative mind, then you can earn handsome Amount from your blog as long as you have Great an audience.

some pro blog niches are always Going to earn more money than others. because they know creative ways to monetize their blog. 

in the last, i will reveal some most profitable niches for your blog. 

High Keyword Search Volume Not Means Lot's Of Money.

find out the Possibility to make money from your niche blog.

How others bloggers make profits from blogging.

  • Display Banner ads and other advertisements on their blog
  • promoting product or services via reviews
  • sell own digital products, courses, and services
  • and some own things else.

All right so, you are all clear about your blogging niche. if you have found your niche for your blog then congratulations...

Niche for blog: Choose the perfect niche for your blog (10+ profitable niche ideas)

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it's time to take some pro tips about niche blogs.

let's begin...

Micro niche blog concept

after the niche blog, you have to understand about micro niche blog concept.

so, what is a micro niche?

In Short, micro niche is sub niche of the main niche and it's represent a small part of the audience from a broader niche.

Let's take a quick example of a shoe as a niche – here shoes is the core niche and sub-niches will be casual shoes, formal shoes, sports shoes, etc.

Best NIche For Blog in 2020
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Example of Mirco NIche

Now, you know the meaning of mirco niche.

Core niche means root of tree and micro niche(sub-niche) is branches of the trees.

Mirco niches are easy to rank in google with law search volumes and it's very good

let's see the difference between global niche and micro niche.

Choose a Perfect Niche For Your Blog
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Source: BloggingNova

it's a simple and clear graphic to understand the difference between niches for blog.

if your core niche have high competitions then you can use mirco niche and that is helpful for you.

Best Blog Niche Ideas In 2020

Let's know the some popular niches for blog:

  • Traveling Blogs: if you love trips, holidays, vacations, excited about traveling and curious about new experiences. then it this niche perfect for you. you can write about hotels, best places, food centers, affordable trips under the budget.
  • Health Blogs: many peoples search on the internet to stay fits, healthy diet, best exercise and, all. you can create a blog under this niche.
  • Photography / Digital Photography: It's the best niche if you loved photography. Or you want to promote your photography business furthermore.
  • Parenting: There are a lot of parents who are scared because of the weird or bad behavior of their child. They can't understand how to handle their children. So you can suggest some ways or measures handle different kinds of children.
  • Small Business Marketing: You can teach small business marketing strategies to others and help them to grow their business.
  • Search engine optimization: There are a lot of people who don't know how to do SEO properly and run their website on Google so you can help them to learn SEO properly.
  • Personal finance: It's the common and most demanding subject upon which people want to learn as people don't get enough knowledge about it at school and colleges so they are in search of personal finance knowledge on the internet. And there is a high market base in it.
  • Personal development: You can also acquire a huge market base in it because there are a lot of people who have searched daily for personal development on google. It's the most demanding skill in the future.
  • Copywriting: You can also make articles to provide knowledge about copywriting as there are so many people who want to learn copywriting and want to earn from home.
  • Online earning: It's the topic on which there are a lot of people who want to know about it. So you can easily make a market place in it. As you provide them valuable content along with proofs of online earning.
  • Food recipe blog: In this blog, you can share different food recipes that help the youngsters or hoteliers. It's best for food lovers.
  • Home improvement/interior designing: In this niche, you give different ways or methods for people to decorate their houses. You can also promote yourself as an interior designer.

there are a lot of more niches in which you may try. All you have to do is just find your inner voice and start taking action.

I hope you all find it useful. Also, share this content with your friends so that it may help them.

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